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Answer: Being a natural product, hardwood floors will continue to absorb and expel moisture. During this natural process, the floor will continue to expand and contract from season to season along with the changes in humidity. Although some species of wood will be more stable than others, nearly every floor endures some separation between boards because of humidity changes. During the winter months, when homes are heated and the air is dry, wood flooring gives up some of its moisture, shrinks, and the cracks between the boards can become more visible. The best way to reduce the amount of expansion and contraction in your wood floor is to let the hardwood material acclimate to the environment before installation. Upon delivery, the wood flooring can have a different moisture level than what the home environment will be, and it is necessary to let the wood acclimate to the anticipated environment. We also recommend that the heating system is operating for at least 48 hours before delivery of the flooring product to stabilize the moisture conditions of the interior. Once your wood is delivered, we recommend several weeks for acclimation. The moisture level of the wood and sub floor can be checked with a moisture meter to insure that both have reached the desired humidity level.

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Answer: In order to have your flat panel television look its best, all of the required cable and outlets will need to remain hidden behind your television. Due to fire code regulations, a licensed electrician will have to place an outlet at the designated location. Licensed professionals should run your cables in order to hide all cables. A variety of wall mounting solutions are available to allow you to adjust your television’s positioning to your liking. Because most mounts are built to accommodate standard stud spacing, additional support is not needed in most homes. Because every home is different, a professional audio/video designer should take a look at your house in order to assess what will be needed in order to assure your flat panel television will look and perform to its full capacity. The staff at Design Audio/Video in Avon and Glenwood Springs can help you with all of your audio/video needs.

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Answer: We’ve worked with many homeowners who are in the same situation – they want to create warm and inviting living spaces, but paint just doesn’t do the trick. We suggest you look into Old Brick Originals thin brick by Robinson Brick. We kiln-fire real, full size brick, tumble it for an Old World look, and then cut it into half-inch thick flat and corner pieces. Decorating with Old Brick Originals adds an entirely new dimension to your living spaces, because it looks as if you’ve built your space around an existing brick wall. The best part is that thin brick weighs less than 15 pounds per square foot, which means that it does not require a load bearing foundation for installation. That means no engineering costs for you. And, installing thin brick is simple. There are many ways to install thin brick on an interior wall. Just visit for installation information, and stop in to a Robinson Brick showroom in Eagle, Steamboat, or Grand Junction to choose your color, or pick up samples. Be sure to contact your local mason or visit for installation tips before you begin work, and enjoy your beautiful basement with the Old World appeal of real brick.

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