Ask Waste Watchers: Where and what can we recycle in Eagle County? |

Ask Waste Watchers: Where and what can we recycle in Eagle County?

Joseph Walls
Daily Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

Can I get an updated list of items that can and cannot be recycled curbside and at the drop-off centers?

Louise in Eagle

Thank you for requesting this list, Louise.

Certain items, such as cardboard boxes, are not picked up curbside, but they are recyclable at the drop-off centers. Hopefully, residents who read this article will print it and post it in a handy location for reference.

Learning what can and cannot be recycled takes some effort. Guessing will lead to recyclable items ending up in the landfill and trash ending up with the recyclables.

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• Recyclable plastics are those that have the numbers 1 through 7 in a triangle stamped somewhere on the container, typically on the bottom. Examples include water, juice and soda bottles, milk containers, laundry-detergent containers and empty, clean 5-gallon buckets. Please rinse containers and remove lids. You can leave the labels on.

• Nonrecyclable plastics includes Styrofoam, packing peanuts, plastic film or wrap, bags, toys, six-pack holders, bubble wrap, PVC pipe, syringes and plastic car parts.

• Recyclable metals includes all sizes of steel, tin and aluminum cans. Some examples are soda, beer and soup cans and the metal ends of frozen juice concentrate containers. Metal cans should be free of liquids or food. Labels do not need to be removed.

• Nonrecyclable metals includes car parts, paint cans, scrap steel or iron.

• Recyclable glass: Bottles of any color, and jars with a neck. Examples include beer, soda and wine bottles and mayonnaise and pickle jars. Glass containers should be free of liquids and food. You can leave the labels on.

• Nonrecyclable glass includes windows, automotive glass, Pyrex cookware, ceramics, light bulbs, porcelain, drinking glasses or dishes.

• Recyclable paper includes complete newspapers with coupons and inserts, magazines, paperback books, phone books, office paper and junk mail.

• Nonrecyclable paper includes hardcover books, wrapping paper or tissue paper.

• Recyclable cardboard includes corrugated cardboard, brown paper bags, cereal boxes, paper towel-rolls and tissue boxes.

• Nonrecyclable cardboard includes egg cartons, fiber milk cartons, waxed corrugated cardboard and boxes with food residue, such as pizza boxes.

If you are new to the area or have never dropped off your recyclables before, below is a list of all Eagle County-operated recycling centers.

• Avon: West of Walmart roundabout on East Beaver Creek Boulevard.

• Eagle: Fairgrounds parking lot off of Fairgrounds Road.

• Eagle County MRF: 605 Ute Creek Road (outside landfill gates) – commingled and paper only.

• Edwards: Edwards Rest Area near Interstate 70 exit 163.

• Gypsum: Northwest corner of Columbine Market parking lot.

• Red Cliff: Red Cliff Community Center, 400 Pine St.

• Vail: West of the Community Development Building at 75 South Frontage Road.

Joseph Walls is hazardous-waste specialist at the Eagle County Household Hazardous Waste facility, located at the landfill in Wolcott. The facility is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Call 970-328-3468 or visit for information.

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