Aspen-based group "devastated" by Haiti experience |

Aspen-based group "devastated" by Haiti experience

Colleen O'ConnorThe Denver Post

Philanthropist Susie Krabacher just returned from two weeks in Haiti, where she witnessed horrific scenes of dogs gnawing on corpses in the streets, comforted frightened orphans and struggled to find 32 children who disappeared from the abandoned-children unit of the General Hospital.”We were devastated,” said Krabacher, who co-founded an orphanage, hospital and clinic in Haiti with her husband, Joe, through their Aspen-based Mercy & Sharing Foundation.She and her team barely slept during the days they looked for the missing children, who vanished from a building that was not structurally damaged. They worried that they might have been stolen to sell for adoptions or as slaves.But on Friday, Krabacher finally learned that 30 of the children had been taken by government workers to another hospital.Two are still missing.”There are so many corrupt trafficking issues in Haiti right now,” she said Friday. “Now, there is no infrastructure to track children. Many U.S. agencies, and we are one of them, are trying to identify where all the children went.”Read more:

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