Aspen: Guns aplenty found |

Aspen: Guns aplenty found

Chad Abraham
Pitkin County Correspondent
Vail CO, Colorado

ASPEN, Colorado ” A 19-year-old Missouri man was arrested Thursday after police say he was drunk and in possession of enough guns and ammunition to stock a small army outside Clark’s Market in Aspen.

Randy Farrow, of Jackson, Mo., was sitting in a Land Rover with a few other men when police received a complaint about the group, said Aspen police officer Dan Glidden. When first contacted, Farrow consented to give his keys to an officer to prevent drunken driving.

Around 3:40 p.m., Farrow called police asking for his keys back. Officers went back to the Clark’s parking lot and asked him to step out of the vehicle. As Glidden was questioning Farrow, who he described as uncooperative, another officer spotted an assault rifle in the back seat.

The suspect immediately tensed up and slightly resisted officers’ attempts to handcuff him, Glidden said. The suspect, an oil-field worker living in Parachute, repeatedly said he didn’t know anything about the weapon.

A search of the vehicle revealed six more guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The weapons included rifles with high-powered scopes, an M16-like rifle, a variant of an AK-47 “out of Romania” and what Glidden described as a “full-blown machine gun” that had two 200-round chambers.

None of the weapons appears to be illegal, but Farrow was charged with being in a possession of a firearm while intoxicated and underage drinking. The suspect, who was in jail Thursday night, continued to be unhelpful in the investigation into the weapons.

The guns’ serial numbers will be checked in an effort to determine ownership and where they were came from, Glidden said.

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