Assault suspect flown back from California |

Assault suspect flown back from California

Courtesy Eagle County Sheriff's OfficeKeith Cameron came back to the valley Friday, courtesy of the Eagle County Sheriff's Office's prisoner transportation plane. Cameron is suspected of domestic violence, assault, theft and other crimes.

VAIL ” A man wanted on suspicion of domestic violence and other charges dating back to 2001 is now being held without bond in the Eagle County Jail.

Keith John Cameron was stopped by police in Huntington Beach, Calif. last week, after he was allegedly seen riding wheelies on a motorcycle in a busy part of town. A routine records check during that stop reported Cameron was wanted in Vail.

He was jailed and agreed to come back to Eagle County. The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office’s airplane flew to pick him up Friday and brought him back.

Cameron was first arrested in Vail on suspicion of domestic violence and assault in October of 2001. He didn’t show up for his court date on those charges. Vail police records show he was arrested in Boulder in January of 2004, and again didn’t go to court.

When Vail Detective Ryan Millbern started working on Cameron’s case in his spare time a few months ago, he said he tracked Cameron as far as Huntington Beach.

“He was basically couch surfing,” Millbern said. “People would take him in because he said he was down on his luck.”

Looking through the California city’s police records, Millbern found out that Cameron had been stopped by police a few times. But he wasn’t arrested because the warrant to hold him was good only in Colorado.

Millbern got the warrant changed to be effective nationwide, and the next time Cameron was stopped, he was taken to jail.

Lt. David Bunetta of the Huntington Beach Police Department said Cameron isn’t wanted for anything in the city.

“He needed to be brought to justice,” Millbern said. “I’m thrilled they got him.”

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