At a time when it’s most needed, Eagle County business works to find new homes for furnishings |

At a time when it’s most needed, Eagle County business works to find new homes for furnishings

'This sale is saying to the community we will get through this together'

If you go…

Alliance Moving Systems Home to Home Rummage Sale When: Friday, Sept. 4 from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 5 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Where: Alliance Moving Systems warehouse at 375 Spring Buck Road, south of the Eagle County Regional Airport Details: Social distancing protocols are planned for shoppers. To learn more about the event email or call 970-524-6683.

GYPSUM — If ever there was a time when his neighbors could use a helping hand, Andy Clark of Alliance Moving Systems figures that time is now.

So he is willing to extend it, helping not only people in the community but a community organization that’s in the business of helping others.

On Friday and Saturday, Sept. 4 and 5, Alliance will team with the Vail Valley Foundation to host a huge furniture sale. Calling the sale “huge” isn’t hyperbole. It will include the contents of five large trailers and feature everything from knickknacks to a riding lawnmower. Clark has a dozen sofas donated by an upvalley property along with pallets of building materials left over from a large business remodel. Need some carpet padding? There are rolls and rolls of it stored at Alliance.

What’s more, the term “sale” will be applied loosely for some folks during the event.

“I will find a way for people to leave with what they need,” Clark pledged. “There are a lot of people out there who are struggling right now. I will have an area of items that are offered for free. I just want people to come.”

Home to Home

For several years now, Clark has operated a program called “Home to Home” to find new purposes for donated furniture.

“Our clients are very generous,” Clark said. “All this furniture is donated with the understanding that where there is a need, I will give it to people.”

During the course of the year, various community organizations reach out to Alliance to see if they can arrange furniture donations.

“I have, literally, three 48-foot trailers of furniture beds that I give away every year,” Clark said. “People come by our warehouse and we give away what clients have donated, but we end up having way more inventory than requests.”

To solve that issue, for a few years now Clark has partnered with community groups to stage an annual rummage sale at the Alliance Moving Systems warehouse south of the Eagle County Regional Airport. That way the furniture finds a new home and a local group gets a funding boost. In the past, First Lutheran Church in Gypsum teamed with Clark for the sale but during these COVID-19 times, the congregation just didn’t have the resources to devote to manage the effort.

That’s why the Vail Valley Foundation got involved. Cristal Juarez, office manager for Alliance, reached out to the foundation and got an enthusiastic acceptance.

“We have everything from shelving to beds. Anyone could furnish a home and then some,” Juarez said. “And if you don’t have much money in your pockets, still come to look. You never know what we can do.”

As he prepares for the big sale/donation event, Clark offered an appeal to people’s integrity. He passionately wants people who need furniture to visit the sale and he enthusiastically wants to assist the Vail Valley Foundation’s fundraising effort. But he also hopes that sale customers won’t pick up items at a low cost just to offer them for re-sale. Clark noted that just goes against the spirit of the event to see donated items be sold for profit.

“We just want all this stuff to go to homes. We know people need these things right now,” Juarez said.

“2020 had been the proverbial tornado. We are all just clinging to whatever rope we can find,” Clark said. “This sale is saying to the community we will get through this together.”

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