Attack ad roils Eagle County state House race |

Attack ad roils Eagle County state House race

Chris Outcalt
Eagle County, CO Colorado
This ad by Accountability for Colorado challenges Beaver Creek Republican Ali Hasan's position on health care.

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” A new election mailer sent out by the group Accountability for Colorado targets the Eagle County District 56 state House race, suggesting voters call Republican candidate Ali Hasan to tell him he’s wrong on health care.

The front of the four-page flier asks: “Should you trust a patient’s advocate or an HMO heir?” Inside, the mailer states Hasan and his family have made millions of dollars in the health insurance industry.

Hasan will always side with insurance companies, the flier claims.

The political organizations are named after section 527 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. The committees are not bound by fundraising limits and aren’t allowed to coordinate with candidates.

The 527 group Accountability for Colorado sent out a couple mailers during the last few months backing Democrat candidate Christine Scanlan. Scanlan, who got the flier in her own mail, said she has nothing to do with the 527 organization and isn’t a campaign tactic she would use.

“527s are weird ” they are a strange part of the process and I wish they weren’t involved,” said Scanlan, who lives in Summit County. “Who knows what their thinking is and why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

Scanlan said she thinks the House 56 race has been mostly free of negative campaigning.

“I’m grateful for that,” she said.

Hasan’s campaign manager Kaye Ferry said the mailers were last minute desperation tactic.

“This is the nature of what people do when they are afraid and are losing,” Ferry said.

Multiple 527 groups offered to aid the Hasan’s campaign, Ferry said. They were all turned them all down, she said.

“We have made it perfectly clear we’re not interested in 527 money,” Ferry said.

Hasan and his mother, Seeme, who live in Beaver Creek, recorded a radio ad Friday to try and combat the mailers, Ferry said.

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