Attempted murder victim says she’s carrying suspect’s child |

Attempted murder victim says she’s carrying suspect’s child

ASPEN – A man accused of attempted murder in Aspen was granted permission to talk to the alleged victim after it was revealed Monday the accuser believes she is pregnant with his baby.

The alleged victim asked Pitkin County District Judge James Boyd to allow for an exception to the protection order that prohibits Aaron Michael Anderson from communicating with her. The order has been in place since Anderson, 34, was arrested Sept. 3 for allegedly injuring and threatening to kill his girlfriend.

He remains in the custody of the Pitkin County jail on a $50,000 bond.

“I found out I’m five weeks pregnant, and I feel Aaron has a right to know what’s going on … because this is his child,” the alleged victim told Boyd during a court hearing.

The accuser said she had no concerns about communicating with Anderson, when asked by the judge.

“I don’t want to fight him, and he doesn’t want to fight me,” she said.

Assistant District Attorney Arnold Mordkin argued that the two should talk in person, at the jail, as opposed to on the phone. The judge agreed.

“I don’t have a problem with [the alleged victim] visiting him face-to-face,” Mordkin said. “If she feels uncomfortable, she can leave.”

The jail does not allow for direct contact between inmates and civilians; a see-through wall separates the two, and they communicate via a telephone-type device.

Mordkin said more than 40 phone calls already had been made from Anderson to the alleged victim, prompting the accuser to respond: “It was not all Aaron’s fault. I really wanted to talk to him.”

Boyd said the two can only talk about the pregnancy. Any other discussion is off-limits, and she can only communicate with Anderson during the jail’s visitation hours, the judge said.

Added security was on hand during Anderson’s court appearance. Jail officials also had him restrained with more shackles than other inmates in court. Jail administrator Don Bird said Anderson’s “impulsive behavior” is the reason for the beefed-up security measures.

“He’s been prone to outbursts in the past, and we want to make sure he’s safe and the court is safe,” Bird said.

Authorities say Anderson choked, punched, elbowed and pinned down the woman, who suffered cuts to her eye, ear, cheekbone, right foot, right thigh, right forearm, abdomen and throat. He also allegedly pulled a kitchen knife on her, and told her that “I will drive you up Independence Pass and throw your body off a cliff so no one can find you. I will then kill your mother.”

He is charged with criminal attempt to commit second-degree homicide, menacing and second-degree assault. He also faces misdemeanor charges of harassment and violating domestic violence bond conditions.

The most punitive charge, the class-three felony of criminal attempt to commit second-degree homicide, carries eight to 32 years in prison. The second-degree assault charge carries four to 16 years in prison, while the menacing charge carries one to three years.

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