Attention Nordic Skiers! |

Attention Nordic Skiers!

The Nordic track at the Vail Golf Club has NOT yet opened. Over a foot of more snow is needed before the VRD can open the course. Permanent damage is being done to the golf course by skiers not abiding by the “Closed Course” signs. Please stay off the course until the track is opened.

Is this your camera?

Found: Digital camera on Sat. Nov. 15 in the back country near Vail Pass. Call Jim at 262-2037 to identify it.

Thanks Vets

Debbie Robbins asked area students to write thank-you letters to veterans who appeared at their schools for Veterans Day. Here they are:

– Dear Acting Commander

Thank you for the great assembly you provided our school with. We, the student body of BCMS, truly enjoyed the company of you and all veterans you rounded up to attend. I’m sure that everyone was glad to hear your stories. Now you gave me reasons to stand and say the pledge with pride, as I’ve always done.

Ryan Hedrick and the BCMS Student Council

– Dear Local Veterans,

The students from BCMS want to thank you for coming to our school and participating in our Veteran’s Day assembly. We hope you had a good time because we had fun listening to how your life was in the war. We thank you again for coming, and we hope you come again.

Lesly Villeda, Carla Fierro, and all the BCMS Student Council

– Dear Veterans,

Thank you for coming to our assembly. It was great having you there. Thanks for educating us about wars and other things that have to do with Veteran’s Day. My class and I enjoyed the assembly and we enjoyed speakers. This year’s Veteran’s Day was awesome, and we hope you all come back next year.

Parke Robbins and the rest of BCMS Student Council

– Dear Local Veterans,

Thank you so much for attending our assembly. We appreciate you taking the time to come to our school. We liked how you shared your war stories with us. You did a fabulous job. We hope to see you in the future. We truly thank you for being there.

Allie Edwards, Madelyn Lybarger, and all of the Student Council

– Dear VFW Post,

Many thanks for attending our annual assembly. Bequeathing your compassion, experiences, and patriotism means a great deal to our sense of camaraderie. Our BCMS student body enjoyed your enthusiasm and uplifting morale. Hopefully this is a tradition that will continue throughout our future education in the Eagle Valley.

Molly Goodman, Andrea Sanchez and BCMS Student Council

– Dear Pat Hammon,

Thank you so very much for your wonderful unexpected speech. We really liked how you filled out students’ minds with patriotic thoughts. We hope you can join us for our Veteran’s Day assemblies in year to come. You helped us learn that woman in the war could do many great things that not many men could. Also, we are glad that you came up and told us about your times in the war. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon.

Alex Whitney, Brianna Johnson, BCMS Student Council

Local guys do good

Scott Ligouri, a sophomore at Coe College, and Nicholas Spanel of Avon, a junior, kicked some serios grass as part of their college’s Kohawk men’s soccer team. Ligouri, the son of Jill Winberg and Gennaro Ligouri, is a 2002 graduate of Battle Mountain High School.

Spanel, the son of Jeffery Spanel and Claudia Nelson, is a 2001 graduate of Battle Mountain High School.

The men’s soccer team is coached by Brad Stiles who has been at

Coe as head men’s soccer coach for three years.

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