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Aubrie Apple VMS

Aubrie Apple VMS

Sport(s), club(s): Volleyball

Nickname: Brie

Age: 17

Class of: 2006

Coach(es), leader(s): Mr. Garvey

Favorite summer memory: Camping at Lost Lake, tubing and Las Vegas

What’s your academic goal for this year: To get into my first choice


What’s the best thing about your sport(s), club(s): The girls and the bus rides. They get crazy and I have so many hillarious memories from them

What have you done to prepare for the season: Work out with Pez, she works me hard

What’s your perfect meal: Bread, olives and cheese. Yeah Lara!

Who is your rival team(s), club(s): DeBeque

Who is your role model and why: My mom and Ben Wallace

VAil Colorado

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