Aural escapades good for the soul – band schedule |

Aural escapades good for the soul – band schedule

Ben Quirk
Special to the DailyTre Hardson of The Pharcyde brings a slower, more meaningful approach to hip-hop lovers' ears.

This morning I awoke with nostrils twitching, eyes half open in a ninja-like state of awareness. I absorbed all that the new day had brought to me ” a new day, a new smell.

The sun sifted through my blinds to settle in gold bands on my quiet walls, the crisp air drifted invisibly down onto my face, nudging me as if to say, “Come on, time to get up. Have you seen it out there?”

And then it struck me ” springtime. It’s just around the corner.

The signs of nature’s promise for renewal and rebirth are hidden all around us with the longer days and the trickling of freshly melted water from the rooftops.

It’s the stiffness draining from our shoulders, previously tensed against the cold and dark. It’s blazing out from the bewitching dance of the tiny, incandescent ice crystals, shimmering in the snow from the early kiss of the morning sun.

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Smiles abound and laughs are plentiful right now, people realize that we’re coming into the home stretch and the time for cheekiness is now or never. Today is go big or go home and I have no plans to go home just yet. Neither do the bands coming to ply their musical wares this week. What better way to tap into this outpouring of energy than by grabbing your friends, swapping your riding boots for dancing shoes and diving headfirst into a night of musical abandon, sonic celebration and yes, you guessed it, full on cheekiness.

Hello Dave gets all chirpy with the masses

With a name like ‘Hello Dave’ you can’t but smile at its positively.

With the promise of new beginnings, of friends who haven’t met (yadda yadda) and the general good vibes that come from simply greeting someone for the first time that day. Hello Dave gives the impression they’d like to greet you each and every day.

Driven by linchpin Mike Himebaugh who plays rhythm guitar, sings and writes the lyrics, the band play touching rock and country with pop turns and occasional slices of rhythm and blues. Like many good musicians Himebaugh seems to have music in his very blood.

His parents were constantly involved in singing groups and barbershop quartets and when singing to a small tape recorder in his bedroom as a child progressed into writing music and vocalizing his own songs at college he realized he was going to do it his whole life and never turned back. Destiny was set. It was only a matter of time until Himebaugh drew other talented artists to his banner and soon Hello Dave was a fully working entity made from lead guitarist, percussionist, keyboardist and of course bassist.

Writing and playing music all over the country and then the world the band have progressed from their Chicago roots to become an enduring part of the music scene.

Saaraba come North with sounds of the South

“Ska funk reggae.” “World Jazz Fusion.” “Melodic Odyssey.” “Sweet sweet sugar.” Danny Marks, guitarist and vocalist for Saaraba is sitting in a van in Arkansas heading for I-70 and Colorado holding out his cell phone to fellow band members after I demand he pigeon-hole his own music. Saaraba are all of the above and a little more.

As new and shiny as the two piece brass section that beef up their New Orleans’ sound, Saaraba are an exciting quintet sure to wow the crowds at Sandbar tonight.

Mother Funk Junction take the grooveway

Shannon Banderas fronts this funk band with the welcome notoriety of getting a party started. Backed my musicians from Old Dog Band, Redraw and The Farm MFJ are a local based band who like to float between original funk, Motown and old school classics.

Swing Set frolic in the bluegrass

Musical side projects are all the rage these days, as though one band isn’t enough of a commitment. Dave Johnston from Yonder Mountain String Band brings Swing Set, his collaboration with Denver guitarist Blackdog, to Vail on Tuesday. Bluegrass is sure to fill the air without the hustle and bustle of a big festival as fans huddle close to Johnston.

Tre Hardson comes a little closer

As a former member of influential hip-hop band The Pharcyde, Tre Hardson automatically garners respect. Separated from his band members and pursuing a new musical agenda towards greater professional satisfaction and deeper personal happiness the L.A. artist brings a slower, more meaningful approach than his earlier offerings to Vail.

DJ Micro preaches ecstasy through motion

Rebooked from his weather-cancelled January DJ Micro is here for one reason and one reason only: To play tunes laden with sugar and energy that’ll have you moving from start to finish in a blur or hands, arms, legs, heads and pretty much any other body part you might have on you. It’s going to be progressive trance and foot-stonking hands-in-the-air-even-though-you-swore-you’d-never-do-it-again style anthems all night long.

Tishamingo rip through the blues

Tishamingo don’t have an eye for what’s hot and what’s not. Trends, fads and fashions are of very little interest to these southern rockers. Closing their eyes and minds to current vogues and replacing the view with an inner vision of where they want to be has created a reputation for playing music straight from the heart. Bluesy guitars lead the listener through rock ‘n’ roll, country, blues and straight forward rock. Aiming to keep the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll alive especially in the live arena, the members of Tishamingo live to play to audiences and their shows are crafted straight from the heart.

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