Author Cathy Zeeb visits Bookworm of Edwards Thursday |

Author Cathy Zeeb visits Bookworm of Edwards Thursday

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Local author Cathy Zeeb visits The Bookworm of Edwards this evening for an event.

If you go ...

What: Cathy Zeeb, author of “Begendings: A New Perspective” and “Begendings II.”

When: 6 p.m. Thursday.

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards.

Cost: $10, includes appetizers.

More information: Call 970-926-READ.

According to mystic and writer Thomas Merton, “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”

Reverend Catherine Zeeb, Ph.D., an upcoming speaker at The Bookworm of Edwards, sympathizes with Merton and combines traditional and alternative healing practices to provide balance for her patients.

Her journey to spiritual counselor began as a young girl. She was aware that she was in touch with her intuition, but afraid to embrace that gift, creating an unfulfilled life — her standard until she decided to embrace this sensitivity and use it for good.

“Now in my early 50s, I’ve learned through hard work and with the help of some incredible teachers to accept and love this part of me,” she writes on her website,

When she realized that she was not living life to its fullest, she left the construction business and sold her company, landing at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Her time there gave her the opportunity to become a certified counselor in body, mind, consciousness and wellness, as well as a Reiki master.

She is convinced that through continuous work to improve her spiritual balance, she better helps her clients. In her own words, Zeeb is a “perpetual student,” persistently attending conferences and workshops. She recently attended a spiritual horsemanship clinic “to enhance the work I do with chakras, balance and breath,” she said.

At The Bookworm event tonight, she will explore her journey and explain how breathing exercises and chakras enhance spiritual equilibrium. She will begin by explaining her meditation method, a technique that can be used throughout the day. This interactive presentation will show her audience how easily they can achieve balance.

You are not defined by past

Her presentation will tie each of the topics into healing.

“I know that these integrated parts and pieces are what I give to myself and to my world, my family and friends, my work, my community and beyond,” she said.

Because of this responsibility, she has carefully studied each component of healing through her work with a myriad of teachers. Zeeb’s introduction to spiritual healing was metaphysics, the study of the nature of being. Her continuous reading on the subject has shaped her current life and work.

Because of her studies of metaphysics, she is convinced that everyone is intuitive. Zeeb also “believes that some people are born a bit more intuitive than others, but we all have the ability to increase our … awareness at any time in our life.”

She realizes that there is a stigma surrounding spiritual healing. Her extensive work with chakras and other aspects of a more intuitive life has led her to discover that “most people don’t want to talk about intuition.”

Despite cynicism about her work, she encourages anyone interested in balancing their life to be open-minded and realize “you have a choice, that you can help yourself heal. That you don’t have to walk around feeling out of balance, feeling sad, lonely, have a headache, grumpy, etc.”

Her mission is to publicize her convictions through her writing and counseling. Her two books, “Begendings: A New Perspective” and “Begendings II,” focus on living in the present. For many of her clients battling addictions, her message that people are not defined by their pasts, but by who they are now is uplifting and inspiring.

She discusses how understanding how to balance her chakras has allowed her to live life without being mired in the past or obsessed by the future. They allow her to live an aware or conscious life and “move any blocked thoughts, pain or blocked energy.” Through daily practice, Zeeb balances her chakras.

“This is healing on a very powerful level — the act of being present and making a different choice about how to handle your thoughts, actions and health,” she said.

Another essential component to her practice is learning how to breathe properly for healing. She praises breathing properly to helping her “be present, and in that presence, it helps me to be clear and make better choices in my life.”

To learn more about her techniques and philosophy, join Zeeb at The Bookworm of Edwards for an evening of integrated spiritual healing. Learn how to meditate, breathe, balance and experience restoration through Zeeb’s teachings — the first step to spiritual happiness.

Leigh Horton is the journalism intern at The Bookworm of Edwards and a student at the Colorado School of Mines. Email comments about this story to

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