Author James Dziezynski visits The Bookworm of Edwards to talk about Colorado’s best summits |

Author James Dziezynski visits The Bookworm of Edwards to talk about Colorado’s best summits

Sarah Taylor
Special to the Daily
Author James Dziezynski will sign copies of his books Tuesday at the Bookworm of Edwards.
Special to the Daily |

If you go ...

What: Book signing with James Dziezynski, author of “The Best Summit Hikes of Colorado.”

When: 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards.

Cost: $10.

Most information: Call -970-926-READ.

EDWARDS — All who wander are not lost. And author James Dziezynski embodies the adage.

After receiving a degree both in Philosophy and English, Dziezynski pursued his guide certificate from the National Outdoor Leadership School. Then the native New Englander picked up and moved to Colorado.

“I may not have been born here, but I certainly got here as soon as I could,” he said.

On Tuesday, Dziezynski will visit The Bookworm of Edwards to speak about his guidebook “The Best Summit Hikes of Colorado.” The second edition is a local’s favorite for hiking guides throughout the state. A professional journalist for 17 years, Dziezynski writes for several publications including National Geographic, Boulder Weekly and Backpacker Magazine. He is currently the senior editor of and a contributing editor for Elevation Outdoor Magazine.

This particular project was inspired to be much more than just a guidebook. While most focus on a particular region of the state or a particular type of summit, such as day hikes or 14ers, Dziezynski wanted to provide something more for his readers.

“I wanted to give a well-rounded collection of great summits across the state,” Dziezynski said. “My goal was to have every hike to be one that you ran to go tell friends about afterwards, and become an experience you would continue to talk about.”

There are over 90 summit hikes found in “Best Summits,” all of which Dziezynski hiked himself. At the beginning of the project, he had about three months for field research, managing to summit 93 peaks during that time.


Dziezynski has summited over 750 peaks in his lifetime. He often hikes with his two rescued boarder collies, Mystic and Fremont. There are several hikes that are accessible for dogs, as well as others that are better scrambles or great for groups of friends enjoying the outdoors together.

“It’s hard to pin down my favorite hike,” he said. “I’ve done all of these hikes multiple times and will say that there are no easy mountains in Colorado. Any hike has that potential depending on the day, the conditions or who you’re with. But I will say, Storm Creek Peak is always there to satisfy my really adventurous side.”

“Best Summits” also reads like a narrative. Of course the book places a huge emphasis on accuracy. However, what makes this book different is the voice that describes each hike.

“Not only did I want to provide people with a great guide book that would get them where they needed to go and provide knowledge for their trips, but I tried to create a balance between accounting for accuracy and how people could anticipate the hike would affect them,” he said. “I wanted to create an emotional expectation. Giving people the knowledge that they would probably feel tired at this point or that this extra mile was totally worth going out of the way.”

“The Best Summit Hikes of Colorado” offers insight to some of the best hikes found in Colorado. It is the perfect way to start planning your summertime adventures.

Sarah Taylor works at the Bookworm of Edwards.

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