Author of ‘Leave Cancer in the Dust’ visits Bookworm of Edwards |

Author of ‘Leave Cancer in the Dust’ visits Bookworm of Edwards

Sarah Taylor
Special to the Daily
Kris Sampson
Special to the Daily |

If you go ...

What: Kris Sampson, author of “Leave Cancer in the Dust.”

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards.

When: 6 p.m. Thursday.

Cost: $10; include healthy appetizers.

More information: Call 970-926-READ.

“Cancer is preventable.”

This seemingly impossible statement was made by Denver-based author Kris Sampson. This striking sentence is the mantra of her new book “Leave Cancer in the Dust: 50 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer and Supercharge Your Health,” which she will discuss Thursday evening at The Bookworm of Edwards.

Born in northern Wisconsin, Sampson moved to Vail with her husband in 2005. The outdoorsy lifestyle and push to eat healthy and local was contagious. The couple’s routine soon changed with their environment. However, in 2007, Sampson received shocking news.

“Once I got the news I had breast cancer, I felt betrayed by my body. I was eating healthy and exercised. All I could think of was ‘why?’ and ‘what could I have done?’” Sampson recalls.

She was determined to make sure she was doing her part to keep herself alive and healthy. Sampson began to research cancer prevention measures.

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At first, the record of her journey was organized into 31 blog posts on her site After seeing the response her site had, and looking at the material it contained, creating a book seemed like the most natural thing to do.

She coined the phrase “The Vail Diet” due to the impact her surroundings had on her quest to improve her health. Her book highlights foods, exercises and stress-relieving practices that are the product of her years of research.

As far as food goes, there is one that sticks out to Sampson more than most.

“Blueberries,” she said. “I eat them everyday. There’s a delicious recipe in the book for a blueberry smoothie. Start your morning off right and you’re good for the day!”

Other cancer-preventing foods were not as easy to incorporate.

“Like turmeric. How do you add more of that into your diet?” she said.

Sampson answers this question and more with dozens of delicious recipes.


Exercise and keeping your body healthy is the next step in Sampson’s book.

“I’m all about balance,” she said. “Yoga is so beneficial for cancer treatment. It quiets your mind. You need that balance. Though you also need moderation.”

Sampson goes on to explain how too much of one type of exercise cheats you out of the benefits from other forms of exercise.

More than anything, Sampson underwent a major lifestyle change. She began to explore different techniques to reduce stress and promote inner peace. Accompanying her yoga practices, she found meditation to be crucial to her everyday routine.

She also started a daily routine she hardly expected to have the impact it did.

“Morning Pages” was an idea she found in the book “The Artists Way.” Essentially, you wake up and write three pages of whatever is on your mind before you really wake up. As you’re writing in a groggy state of mind, your subconscious is free from any walls you put around it and the result is amazing.

“I would find myself still holding on to things I thought I had long forgotten and forgiven,” Sampson said. “We always resist what we need most.”

From tried and true practices to some that are more bizarre than believable, Sampson has come across a few practices that she had to try to believe. From wearing a bra less often to certain practices we’ll let Sampson describe to you herself, if the tip had any credibility, she tried it. One of the strangest tips she found was backed up by Berkley University.

“If it reduced your chance by 10 percent, I tried it. If it reduced by 20 or 30 percent, I was on it,” Sampson said.

Sampson is intent on spreading her message that prevention is possible.

“We get the message about awareness and treatment,” she said. “There are pink bows on almost everything these days. But we don’t hear about prevention. That is what I want everyone to realize.”

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