Auto bailout? No way |

Auto bailout? No way

Terry Quinn
Eagle, CO, Colorado

The American automobile industry does not deserve a bailout.

1. It’s the quality. This is the biggest difference consumers perceive, between Detroit and Japanese brands like Toyota and Honda.

2. It’s the product line. Detroit kept emphasizing a product line of pickups and SUVs long after the market was shifting to more economical models.

3. It’s the atmosphere. There is a culture of deceptive practices that pervades the car business. Anyone who owns a car can tell about it. Not only at the time of sale, but also when you need warranties honored, or other work done on your car. There are too many people in that business who act like they’re out to screw the customer.

4. It’s the unions. They imposed obligations on the manufacturers that make it uneconomical to put out a car people can afford.

5. It’s the government. There is a laundry list of obligations that have been imposed on the car industry. Some may be necessary or advisable. But remember that there is a price to be paid for each one. Maybe we can’t afford some of them.

6. It’s management. The same people who got Detroit into this mess are now asking for assistance so they can stay in charge, doing business the same old way.

Terry Quinn


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