Autopsy: Artist Lawrence Argent died following liposuction procedure |

Autopsy: Artist Lawrence Argent died following liposuction procedure

The Denver Post and Vail Daily reports
Lawrence Argent's work is featured prominently in front of the Solaris building in the form of two huge sculptures.
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Acclaimed sculptor Lawrence Argent, best known for his “big blue bear” outside the Colorado Convention Center in Denver but whose work includes several prominent Vail-area pieces, died following a liposuction procedure Oct. 4.

The Denver Post reported the details of Argent’s death from the autopsy report done by the Douglas County Coroner’s Office.

From the Post:

The coroner’s report, signed by forensic pathologist Dr. Dawn B. Holmes, referred to liposuction as “a high-risk, office-based procedure” with past deaths having been attributed to anesthetic complications, abdominal perforation, fat embolisms, hemorrhage and other unknown causes.

Argent exhibited shortness of breath on the afternoon of Oct. 4 and was transported to Rose via ambulance, where he suffered several rounds of cardiac arrest, tests and unsuccessful resuscitation, the report said. Given the liposuction, “the possibility of a perforated vascular source, such as a small vessel within the abdominal … tissue” could not be excluded.

“Thus, the manner of death is best classified as undetermined,” the report concluded.

In Vail’s Solaris Plaza, Argent’s pieces called “The Droplet” and “The Light Tree” are can’t-miss, larger-than-life works of art that harness part of the Fibonacci sequence to guide the design of the plaza as a whole. Solaris paid $1.5 million for those pieces.

Argent also was a collaborator on Vail’s Triumph Winterfest illuminated ice sculpture exhibit that garnered national acclaim.


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