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Avon firm is selected for Walgreens project

AVON, Colorado – Developers of Eagle’s proposed Eagle River Station chose a local company to build their Walgreens project in Avon.

Avon’s new Walgreens will be built by Evans Chaffee.

The lender wanted a Front Range firm, said Trinity RED’s Vince Riggio.

But Riggio said his firm felt strongly that the job should go to the local company.

“Trinity RED will do everything possible to give work to local companies,” Riggio said. “We chose Evans Chaffee because they’re local and we know how many local people need work.”

They broke ground this week on their Walgreens project, Riggio said. It will replace Denny’s in Avon.

It’s scheduled for completion in October.

Riggio has been saying all along that Eagle River Station’s contracts will go to local companies, as did the Walgreens project.

“This should prove our intentions to support and stimulate the local economy,” Riggio said. “What we said we’d do with Eagle River Station, we’re already doing here.”

“I’m thrilled they chose a local company. It’s good for the community and the valley,” said Chris Evans, with Evans Chaffee. “We’re honored they had the confidence in a local company to do this job.”

Evans Chaffee got the word after waiting a month and a half, Evans said.

“They have years of experience building in this region, and that’s important,” Riggio said. “We all know what kind of a mess we can be in if this isn’t done properly.”

It’s a $5 million construction project and will mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased sales taxes to Avon every year.

The Denny’s generated around $1 million per year in total sales, tax records show. That’s about $40,000 in sales tax revenue to the town from Denny’s.

The average Walgreens generates between $8 million and $9 million in annual revenue, Riggio said. That could mean upwards of $350,000 in new sales tax revenue for Avon.

About 900,000 skiers per year will go by that Walgreens site on their way to ski Beaver Creek, and Walgreens likes that, too.

“They’re looking forward to being part of the valley,” Riggio said.

The project will create pedestrian access from Walgreens to local banks and the Avon post office, said Trinity RED’s Brandt Marott.

That access can be dicey right now. Avon Road sees 22,000 vehicle trips per day.

It’s at the entrance to the town, so they wanted something that would create a positive impression of Avon. Marott said the stone siding and parachute roofline make it look like no other Walgreens store.

As for Eagle River Station, Trinity RED is taking its second bite at that apple. The Eagle Board of Trustees approved the project last week and will let the town’s voters decide its fate.

The latest ERS incarnation is larger than the original version Eagle voters rejected in 2010.

Eagle voters will again decide ERS’ fate when they vote in May.

Staff Writer Randy Wyrick can be reached at 970-748-2935 or rwyrick@vaildaily.com.

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