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Avon apartment visit goes awry

Tamara Miller

Knock, knock knocking on the wrong door got one woman arrested last Saturday.

Avon Police responded to a report of a woman banging and screaming on the door of a Chapel Square apartment. According to police reports, officers found a 35-year-old woman pounding on the door in question. She told officers that her boyfriend was in the apartment.

However, when police entered the apartment they found no one but the female occupant at home.

Realizing the woman had the wrong apartment number, officers tried to contact the person she was looking for. While waiting, the woman allegedly kicked Officer Jon Lovins. She was taken into custody and officers allegedly found a prescription bottle for eye drops with three Clonazepam pills inside. Clonazepam is typically used to control seizures.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and possession of a controlled substance.

Writing on the wall

An attempt to display a stolen street sign earned three men a court summons for larceny.

Avon Police Chief Jeff Layman spotted an “accident ahead” sign through the window of a second-floor Chapel Square condominium. He and Officer Dave Wineman went into the building to investigate.

While climbing the stairs they encountered one of the occupants leaving the condo. The man allegedly told the officers the sign was taken from Battle Mountain Pass.

“But I didn’t take it, I was in a second vehicle,” the man said, according to the police report. “I mounted it on the wall to get it off the floor. It was taking up too much space, it’s big.”

The officers spoke with the man’s two roommates, who allegedly said the sign was taken about three weeks after a big semi-truck accident occurred on Battle Mountain Pass. While the three allegedly admitted to taking the sign, they said they left the sign’s stand behind.

According to officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation, the sign is worth $79.95.

Stinky surprise

A Gypsum man got an unpleasant surprise on his porch early Saturday morning – a flaming bag of dog feces.

The man told Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies he was woken up by a knock on his front door around 3:45 a.m. He looked out the peep hole and saw no one. The man went back to bed only to be roused by a doorbell ring five minutes later.

This time he opened the door and found a paper bag on fire. The man extinguished the flame with water and noticed a person watching him from behind some trees. The man went after the person, prompting the other assailants and a dog to run off as well. The man lost the group in the Willow subdivision.

Sheriff’s deputies surmised the incident was a “juvenile prank”.

Credit card info swiped

A vacationing woman’s credit card has apparently been used in a French spending spree.

The woman and her husband filed a report with the Sheriff’s Office after discovering there had been 71 transactions worth nearly $14,000 made on her credit card since Feb. 14. The last time she used the card, which was issued through a Nebraska bank, was in December to buy a Beaver Creek lift ticket for her son. All of the unauthorized purchases were made in France.

Deputies believe information was stolen from the magnetic strip used to ring up credit-card purchases. The case is still under investigation.

Missing ring

A Highlands Ranch man lost his wedding ring on March 3 while visiting Vail.

Scott Paul Benner, 33, told Vail Police he lost his wedding ring somewhere between the Vail Resorts offices at 600 Lionshead Mall and the top of the Vista Bahn Gondola.

The ring is gold with the inscription “Scott & Shell” “9-9-00”. The ring is worth about $200.

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