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Avon band, Snowblind, brings singalong songs to local bars

Caramie Schnell
VAIL CO, Colorado
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Those who are obsessed with powder will understand exactly what the term “snow blind” means.

“It’s the idea that you’d do most anything to get out on a powder day – call in sick, lie to your wife or girlfriend, neglect to feed the cat, forget to take the dog out – all because you can’t see beyond the snow … you’re snow blind,” said Randy Martinez, drummer for local band Snowblind.

The band will perform tonight at Brush Creek Saloon in Eagle and Saturday night at Loaded Joe’s in Avon. Both shows are free.

The five-member metal/rock band has been performing together for around nine months now. They found one another via classified newspaper ads.

“Chris (Finch) and Randy (Martinez) had this little project going, and I answered an ad in the paper for a rhythm guitarist,” said the band’s guitarist, Jason Chrzan. “At that point, there were some other guys in the band who left and we needed a singer and bassist, so we put an ad in the paper. I accidentally ran into this guy at Brush Creek Saloon at karaoke, Davey (Brummett), and he said ‘I’m about ready to answer an ad in the paper for a band.'”

Long story short, Brummett became the band’s singer and Marvin Troxel moved from the Front Range to be the band’s bass player.

“It’s a really cool combination,” Chrzan said. “We all play multiple instruments, so we understand what each musician is doing with their part and we can pick apart different songs we’re playing. It’s a cool dynamic when all the musicians are fluent in music theory and structure. It allows you to be a good group.”

Snowblind plays mostly cover songs from ’80s and ’90s-era hair bands –Poison, Pantera, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica and the like.

Chrzan has played in his share of bands, and he’s digging being in a band that plays almost entirely cover songs.

“It’s great,” he said. “Everyone knows your songs, and it’s easier to get gigs. You don’t have to run around and show demos. And really, who doesn’t like ‘Sweet Child of Mine’? Or Poison? Everybody likes to go to the bar and drink to those and sing along.”

Since the band got together, it’s played around 20 or so shows. It has a standing monthly gig at the Brush Creek Saloon in Eagle.

“It’s a great band. We’d seen them play several times, and we liked their style,” said Vit Blanar, owner of the Brush Creek Saloon. “They’re definitely more hard core. Most of the bands we have play are country, and these guys play almost heavy metal, but people love it.”

Expect to hear everything from Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” to “Hotel California” by the Eagles.

“We pretty much stick to the genres rock, hard rock and metal,” Chrzan said.

So do the band members rock big hair and tight pants during their shows?

Not exactly.

“One of the girls was trying to get me to wear purple leather pants, but I just couldn’t do it,” Chrzan said.

High Life Editor Caramie Schnell can be reached at 970-748-2984 or cschnell@vaildaily.com.

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