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Avon candidate Ruemmler’s suggestions improved carbon monoxide testing in town

Avon resident Tom Ruemmler

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The following is a Q&A with Tom Ruemmler, candidate for Avon Town Council.

VAIL DAILY: What made you decide to run for council?

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TOM RUEMMLER: I have initiated changes to make Avon a safer, more affordable, enjoyable and better place to live by identifying solutions to many citizens’ concerns. I can do more on the Town Council.

I suggested Avon send a welcome letter to purchasers of property in Avon notifying them about the $3,200 refund from the hefty 2 percent Real Estate Transfer Tax and obtaining a free mail box. Businesses could include introductory discount coupons. The suggestion was found to be unworkable and too much of a demand on town staff. This attitude is not friendly to new residents.

I suggested changes to make the planning department more efficient and customer friendly by helping residents navigate numerous ordinances.

Fire Chief Karl Bauer researched my suggestions for proper carbon monoxide testing and then changed the testing procedures.

About a year ago, I obtained (the Eagle Valley) Land Trust’s approval and located Abel Forestry that has the proper equipment to do recommended fire mitigation.

Judy Douglas and I eliminated thousands of noxious thistle at no charge to Avon or my neighbors.

VD: What are the most important issues facing the town and citizens?

TR: Cost of living; affordability of housing; government transparency; fire mitigation; millions of dollars of overruns on projects; Avon’s 2 percent Real Estate Transfer Tax and much higher sales tax than neighboring towns; making better decisions; changing attitudes so citizens feel helped and not hindered — government should prioritize needs versus wants. Government’s basic role is providing infrastructure and safety.

I am an outdoor enthusiast who has enjoyed snow skiing and -boarding, rollerblading, biking, hiking, kite boarding, water skiing, jet skiing, snowmobiling, river rafting, golfing, flying, dancing, dirt biking, fishing and upland bird hunting. I enjoy learning new activities.

I was a pioneer in the solar, energy efficient, green building, low maintenance, healthy home sector. I personally saved over 250,000 kilowatts while living in the innovative homes I designed and built. An electric Nissan Leaf provides most of my transportation. I have spoken at the Sierra Club. I am not an extremist. My moderate, logical views appeal to a large sector of our society.

I have degrees in pharmacy and chemistry and am well versed in physics, economics, finance, business efficiency and mortgage banking. I have owned a branch of a bank. I have held pharmacist, Realtor and contractor licenses. I taught drug education classes (pharmacology) in public schools and am a part-time ski instructor.

I am mostly retired. I was a whistle-blower on mortgage fraud. I am honest, ethical and opened-minded. I believe there is a more efficient, customer friendly, less expensive way of running any business, including government.

Infrastructure has to be sized for peak tourist loads. Funding changes have occurred resulting in infrastructure becoming funded by fees and taxes collected on real estate. This has significantly increased the cost of housing and the cost of living in tourist towns. Should tourists contribute more for capital improvements sized for tourist loads? Could changes reduce the cost of renting or reduce owning by $80,000?

I am an out-of-box thinker who identifies better functional solutions. I would appreciate hearing your concerns and suggestions and obtaining your vote for change, avonsuggestionsconcerns@gmail.com.

Life is a one-act play that should be as enjoyable as possible. The joke to brighten your day: What is the difference between a poorly dressed man on a unicycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle? Attire.

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