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Avon City Market targeted for theft twice in one week

Dustin Racioppi
Avon, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Avon Police Department law enforcement officers and police reports.

AVON, Colorado ” The grandmother-granddaughter theft duo that allegedly tried ripping off the Avon, Colorado City Market on Nov. 25 didn’t last very long thanks to a watchful employee at the store.

The police report shows that while her grandmother waited in the pharmacy for a prescription refill, a 12-year-old swiped some lip gloss from the shelves and stuffed them in her jacket. Then she went over to the book aisle, checked out a Disney book and decided the stickers inside looked better on her jacket than in the book. This, while the store’s loss protection officer was watching.

Once the prescription was filled, Grandma and the 12-year-old continued shopping. They placed a few items into one of those red plastic City Market baskets and wandered through the aisles.

But then, according to the report, grandma pulled out a plastic Wal-Mart bag from her purse and the two started unloading the contents of the City Market basket into the plastic bag. Then they walked right past the cashiers and out the door.

The employee who was watching the whole time called police and quickly stopped the two and led them back into the store for questioning.

The woman, who admitted to police she came to the U.S. illegally, said she intended to pay for the items. Police asked her what that plan was considering she had left the store. She told police she never was all the way outside the store, just the first set of doors.

They also asked why she watched her granddaughter steal the lip gloss. She said, “It’s only a dollar.”

The actual total police estimated the granddaughter stole came out to $18.73. Grandma stole $34.85 worth of merchandise, police determined.

The granddaughter was taken to the police department where she was picked up by a relative. The grandmother, despite her request she only be issued a ticket for the crime, was taken to Eagle County Detention Facility and booked for theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. On top of that, the Denver immigrations unit began processing an immigration hold on her.

AVON ” A vivid imagination could lead to some conclusions why a local man stole lip balm, skin cleanser and Body Butter from City Market on Nov. 21, but he couldn’t come up with a good excuse to give police when he was caught.

An employee at the store said they saw the man slip some lip balm into his back pants pocket. Then he picked up some skin cleansers and a jar of Body Butter and headed for the meat department. That’s where police said he stuffed the items into his sweatshirt.

When he went to go buy a pack of cigarettes but failed because he didn’t have his identification on him, he walked out of the store and was confronted by the store’s security officer.

When police interviewed the man, he said it was stupid, that he decided to steal the items on the spur of the moment and had no intention whatsoever of paying for them.

He was summonsed for larceny and sent home chapped and dry.

AVON ” One Home Depot customer is out of a store credit thanks to a Home Depot employee.

The police report showed that a 44-year-old employee of the store admitted to the crime. She said after several unsuccessful attempts to call the customer to notify them of the store credit, she decided she’d just use it herself.

The woman was summonsed with larceny.

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