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Avon City Market vote fails 68-15

Cliff Thompson

Friday they voted 68-15 not to join a union, the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 of Wheatridge.

The results surprised union organizer Norberto Ricardo.

“We had a good reaction from the people at the store,” he said.

“Somehow it seems like the whole store voted against it. That’s what sometimes happens.”

The workers at the store, which opened in 1981, have had an on-again-off-again relation with unions. In the mid-1980s they joined Local 7. A few years later, in 1993, they struck for two weeks, picketing in Avon. Shortly after the strike, the workers decertified the union.

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Local 7 represents 20,000 grocery and other workers statewide who work for Kroger Corporation that operates King Soopers, City Market and other stores.

Jackie Anthony of Edwards, a long-time worker at the Avon store, opposed the union in a letter to the Vail Daily.

“The union is self serving!,” she wrote. “Don’t sacrifice a healthy working environment.”

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