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Avon cops tackle public urination

Christine Ina Casillas & Kathy Heicher/Eagle Correspondent

That’s what happened to a 23-year-old Texas resident who was arrested Monday in Avon on a charge of urinating in public. He apparently had to go to the bathroom so bad he decided to urinate in front of Bob’s Place in Avon, said Avon police records.The man allegedly pulled his drawers down between a pick-up truck and some other cars in the Avon Center parking lot, police records said. An Avon police officer was cruising by the Avon Center when he spotted flashing lights on the pick-up truck. The officer drove through the parking lot and found the man relieving himself.As the officer approached, the man was buttoning up his pants, reports said, and the officer found a patch of melted snow next to the man. Two other men were in the pick-up truck.The man said “he had a small bladder” and having a small bladder “runs in his family,” according to police records. The man apparently “couldn’t hold it any longer, and it just hit him and he had to go to the bathroom.”The man apparently was meeting his friends at Bob’s Place but decided to make a pit stop before entering the bar, reports said.”You just ruined my life,” the man told police.He was supposed to leave for Texas Tuesday.What’s in the baggie?A 19-year-old Avon man was arrested New Year’s Day on charges of possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.But the man wouldn’t have been arrested if he hadn’t shown his three friends what he had in his pockets – or, if an Avon police officer hadn’t pulled his patrol car up right behind him as he was showing off his stuff.The officer parked behind the foursome and spotted the man pulling a sandwich baggie out of his pocket and showing it to the others.According to the police report, the officer spoke with the foursome – two men and two women – and the man handed over the little bag.The man apparently bought some marijuana earlier in the day, but when he saw the police officer behind him “he didn’t know what to do,” police records said.Don’t let goThe Avon Police Department has responded to about four cases of domestic violence so far in 2004, and to some town officials, that’s too many.Officers received a call Jan. 2 of a domestic violence incident in progress with a possible hostage situation at the Sunridge Phase II condominiums.The suspect – a male – was arrested for investigation of domestic violence, false imprisonment and obstruction of telephone services.Shortly after the call was made, officers found the victim inside her car, and the suspect was standing in front of it, blocking her.According to police records, the two had been arguing all morning. The suspect apparently went to the Eagle County Court and gotten divorce papers for them to fill out. When he returned, the woman said she wanted to go for a hike with her dog, but he allegedly would not let her out of the apartment.He apparently blocked the door, and she couldn’t get out, police records said. He allegedly blocked her from leaving the apartment several times and grabbed her by the arm to stop her for a few minutes, police records said.The man was placed in custody and taken to the Avon Police Department.Sneaking a snoozeAn employee of an Edwards convenience store was taking the trash out at about 9:30 p.m. one night when she noticed a strange man sleeping in the back of her truck, sheltered by the vehicle’s camper shell. She summoned the cops.The responding deputy from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office had to physically shake the man in order to wake him. When the very drunk man, who could barely stand, awakened, the employee recognized him as a fellow who had been banished from the store premises earlier because he was raising a ruckus with the customers.The suspect claimed the vehicle he was sleeping in belonged to a friend, who had given him permission to doze there.The suspect was charged with trespassing, and was taken to jail for the night.Road rageEagle County deputies assisted the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on a road rage report in the early afternoon of Christmas Eve.Several motorists reported a red Jeep Cherokee traveling north, driven by a man who appeared to be intoxicated and who was possibly firing a revolver at other vehicles.The alleged road rage incident occurred in Lake County; and deputies there radioed Eagle County for some assistance in stopping the suspect.Deputy Griffin Wright pulled over the vehicle. The driver, who had an odor of alcohol about him, and a very poor sense of balance, did have a revolver in the car with him. He was handed over to Lake County authorities.Thieves in the nightAn Avon woman filed a complaint claiming that over a period of two weeks, somebody had stolen about $225 worth of jewelry from her apartment. The woman told officers that the thefts apparently take place while she is sleeping on her couch, after taking a prescription medication that causes her to sleep heavily.The woman theorized that the intruders were coming in through the front door, which she was leaving open so that her cigarette smoke would not bother her pet birds.The responding deputy suggested that the woman find another way to ventilate her apartment; and keep the front door locked.Eagle Correspondent Kathy Heicher contributed to this report.

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