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Avon council candidate Russell Andrade seeks to represent ‘all walks of life’

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Born and raised in Massachusetts, Russell Andrade moved to Colorado in 2001 to open Agave in Avon, which he has been managing for the last 17 years.

As an avid mountain biker and road biker who occasionally indulges in skiing and snowboarding, he describes himself as the classic “came here for the winters, stayed for the summer” archetype.

Andrade said he decided to run for council because he would like to try to take his experiences running a business in town to a leadership position in an effort to keep Avon “an amazing blend of resort area and community.”

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“Having spent the majority of my adult life in Avon, the town has become a place I love to call home,” he wrote.

Financial responsibility

Andrade has been keeping up with current issues in Avon and said he would like to see the town’s Hahnewald barn preserved if it can be done in a financially responsible way.

The barn, which is currently being discussed by the town’s planning commission, is one of Avon’s oldest still-intact structures, but must soon be moved off of Eagle River Water & Sanitation District property to make way for an expansion of the wastewater treatment facility in Avon.

Aside from that spending project, Andrade is leery of more large line items on the town’s budget.

“The years leading up to the town’s 40th anniversary have seen the town complete many upgrades — police and fire station, town hall and infrastructure — for example,” Andrade writes. “I feel many of these were needed, but the time has come to ‘pump the breaks’ a bit on spending.”

Andrade would like to see the performance pavilion used more frequently for family and community-friendly events, with the occasional big event thrown in, as well.

“I feel that whether you wanted it or not, (the performance pavilion) is here and being greatly underused,” he wrote. “I would like to research ways to attempt to get a positive return on a rather large investment.”

Andrade describes real estate prices as skyrocketing and views those prices alongside the gaining popularity of short-term rentals as the major challenges when it comes to staffing local businesses.

“Employee shortages eventually affect the ability to provide the five-star service to the guests our local five-star resorts attract,” he wrote. “Avon is an amazingly economically diverse community for its size, and I feel it is the council’s duty to equally represent all walks of life in the town.”

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