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Avon council wants more heat for innovative energy system

Avon Town Council, Sept. 27.

Present: Todd Goulding, Dave Dantas, Rich Carroll, Kristi Ferraro, Chris Evans, Buz Reynolds.

Who they talked to: Town engineer Jeff Schneider gave the council an update about the effectiveness of the town’s “heat recovery system” and the prospects for future use.

The system, which can use the heat from treated wastewater to heat other town-owned properties, has been used to heat the water in the swimming pool at the town’s recreation center since last January.

Schneider told the council that the system has performed flawlessly so far. Discussing costs, Schneider said that the town is actually spending about $1,000 per month to run the system. But, he said, if natural gas cost what it did in 2008, the system would be saving about $1,500 per month.

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The system is also running at no more than one-third capacity, and Schneider and the council talked about ways to use that unused capacity. The heat from the system could be used to heat potable water in town buildings and heat buildings with boiler systems.

Dantas suggested that the town sell some of the system’s capacity to private users, but Ferraro reminded the council that at least part of the system’s heat was always intended to heat streets in a planned pedestrian mall.

What’s next? Town officials may seek out grants for the roughly $500,000 to take full advantage of the heat recovery system’s capabilities.

– Scott Miller

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