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Avon developer scraps plans near Eaglebend Road

Matt TerrellVail, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado Citing an unreasonable list of demands from Avon leaders, developer Traer Creek LLC withdrew its plans to rearrange a future strip of stores and restaurants to give a better backyard view to residents on Eaglebend Road.The Avon Town Council decided in November that Traer Creek, the development company for the Village at Avon, would have to meet certain conditions, including providing bus service to Buffalo Ridge and Wal-Mart, if it wanted to change its building plans.Traer Creek had hoped to move a planned commercial area north of Eaglebend Road to the center of the development and instead put more housing on the side facing the Eaglebend homes, supposedly giving residents a more pleasant view. Although, some residents and Town Council members argued though that the changes wouldnt help much.The Town Council approved these changes, but only if Traer Creek met a list of conditions conditions Traer Creek representatives said were extraneous and have nothing to do with the development north of Eaglebend Road.Members of the Town Council said the conditions were necessary to ensure that Traer Creek starts doing things it has already agreed to do in a timely manner , like start bus service and provide affordable housing.

Avon wanted the Traer Creek Metro District, which is responsible for funding things like police service, roads and snow removal in the Village at Avon, to start funding the long debated bus service to Buffalo Ridge and Wal-Mart.Avon had started bus service to Wal-Mart and Buffalo Ridge in June 2006, but ended it in May 2007 despite the large number of people that used it. The town said it could no longer afford the bus route and that the Traer Creek Metropolitan District should be paying for bus service instead.Several council members have expressed frustration that Traer Creek hasnt started funding the bus service, especially since people obviously need it, and said the new development will make bus service to the east end of town even more vital.Representatives from Traer Creek said that theyd be open to talking about providing bus service to Buffalo Ridge and Wal-Mart, but that tacking conditions on to this proposal was the wrong way to solve the problem.

The town also wanted Traer Creek to guarantee that affordable housing would be included in this new development area.Traer Creek representatives have said that the proposed planning area would naturally have the kind of housing mix sought by the Town Council, but that it shouldnt be dictated in a condition of the proposed plan.The Town Council also wants Traer Creek to forfeit its 35-year period of vested rights established in 1998 and replace it with the towns new five-year vesting period established in 2006, accelerate the timing of the developers requirement to build an ice skating rink and fund a traffic study for the area.Traer Creek representatives have said forfeiting its period of vested rights was the biggest deal breaker under no circumstances would they allow that to happen.Councilwoman Tamra Nottingham Underwood said Traer Creek has continually shown a lack of respect for the town and its residents, and by withdrawing its application hours before Tuesdays Town Council meeting wastes everyones time and energy.In a letter addressed to a town planner, Traer Creek attorney Munsey Ayers said that Avons insistence on imposing unreasonable conditions has forced Traer Creek to withdraw its application.

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