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Avon egg hunt: ‘They were gone in a snap’

Ian Cropp
Vail, CO Colorado
NWS Easter Egg Hunt 01 TS 03-22-08

Editor’s note: An Easter Egg Hunt in three acts.

ACT I: The kids

AVON, Colorado ” No more than a minute after he’d filled his basket with a collage of Easter eggs, Kya Lavigne, 5, gave some of his eggs to a teary-eyed girl with only one in her basket.

“She had only one,” said Kya, who told his mom before Saturday’s Easter egg hunt at Avon’s Nottingham Lake that he’d give away some of his eggs to those who didn’t get any.

Kya’s strategy for success was simple, “I went everywhere.”

With the 5- and 6-year-old hunters still surveying their bounty, the 7- and 8-year-olds lined up behind the starting rope, waiting for the countdown to reach zero. With their eyes on the eggs, the kids rushed around the corner and into the giant rectangular field of eggs.

“You had to run fast to get the eggs,” said Anna Pugmire, 7. “They were gone in a snap.”

Anna’s mom, like many parents, sat back and watched.

“If you brief them, you take the fun out of it,” she said.

When the 8- and 9-year-old’s finished, the Lara brothers gathered round to take stock of their collections.

“It’s too easy,” said Christian Zuaiga Lara, 6.

Alberto Lara, 9, explained his strategy.

“When I was running, I knelt down and grabbed a lot of the eggs,” Alberto said. “When someone else was going to grab it slowly, I grabbed it really fast.”

Juan Zuaiga Lara, 7, had another way to win.

“I ditched my age,” he said. “First I went in for the 6-7, and then I went to 8-9, so I got all these eggs.”

The announcer called for the 4- and 5-year-old’s to get ready for the second round, and kids shuffled back to the start.

I’d hate to be in front of that rope when it drops. Look, I’m not afraid of a handful of elementary school kids, but really, 50 tikes vying for colorful plastic eggs isn’t exactly naptime in Ms. Smith’s kindergarten class. I once tried to stop the Cookie Monster from grabbing another freshly-made chocolate-chip and nearly lost a finger.

I’ve seen the running of the bulls on TV, and the start of this hunt, well, it’s kind of similar. OK, not really, but a mix between that and a cattle drive.

Why are there police officers here? Can it really get that nuts? The parents can get pretty rowdy. I bet there’s a riot squad around the corner in case a European soccer match breaks out.

There they go. Oh boy, one kid down out of the gate. And another. And both are up in a flash. Is that kid crying? No, he’s panting from running so fast.

That guy sitting on a bucket filled with eggs in the middle of the field is flirting with fire. If those kids find out what’s in there …

All right gang, there are 12,000 of us. Let’s be brave today. You’ve worked all year for this.

We may be different colors and filled with different prizes, but to these kids, we’re all gold at the end of that rainbow. Too much? Hey, you guys elected me to be the leader.

Green, you ready?

Sure thing purple, let’s go. Out of the plastic bucket and into the fire ” er, field.

Hey, sparkles, how are you holding up over there? I know the ground is cold and muddy, but it’s almost time.

You hear that? One minute. Ten, nine, eight … here they come!

Oh, I’m up. I’m up. I’m in the basket. Pink, good to see you, welcome to the basket. We got the good seats ” there’s that cushiony grass stuff. Hey, it’s getting kind of crowded in here. Woah, I’m feeling nauseous ” this kid runs like a roller coaster.

Is that it? Is it over? Ouch, take it easy kid, don’t rip me apart. I may be plastic, but I have feelings, too.

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