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Avon Elementary parking lot changes

Cindy Ramunno
Volunteers (from left to right) Mike Leake, an Avon police detectice; Dave Wineman, an Avon police officer; Joe Romero Jr.; and Joe Romero were among several members of the community who worked together to repaint the parking lot at Avon Elementary School.

It’s amazing what happens when a community comes together for kids. At Avon Elementary, the parking lot is now a safe place thanks to that attitude.

Continued abuse of no parking areas in the lot was a huge problem at the school, yet it was difficult not to “break the rules’ because of the shape and size of Avon Elementary’s lot.

And when the school was hosting special events or large meetings, the problem was worse.

However, the scariest time occurred daily, when students were dropped off and picked up. Avon Police Officer Dave Wineman started asking the question, “What happens in the event of an emergency?” But instead of just asking the question, he did something about it.

“Our parking lot situation has always been a challenge,” says principal Barbara Collins. Collins added that making the changes needed were not budgeted for this year.

“Officer Wineman spearheaded a solution and followed carried it through,” Collins says.

The goal was to proactively increase the safety of the students, staff and visitors by making minor, inexpensive changes to the markings and signage in the parking lot and to educate those who use it. Information in the school’s newsletter will be sent home this week to help parents understand how to maneuver in the new lot.

Wineman drew up a plan and enlisted help. Rob Janusz and Gary Padilla, from Avon’s public works department, provided technical assistance and supervised the project.

The Home Depot supplied power washers and labor to prepare curbs, plus all the paint and supplies for the job. Neighboring Super Walmart supplied food and drinks for the painters: Joe Romero, Joe Romero Jr., Andy McGovern, Mike Leake and Wineman.

The crew increased fire lane markings on some of the curbs, re-painted the current fire lanes and repaired signage. The school will utilize town parking permits when it is anticipated that extra parking will be needed during special events.

“I can’t believe how our community comes together and how people make things happen here,” said one parent.

Access to the school for emergency and safety agencies is better and now Dave Wineman can sleep better at night.

For more information on programs at Avon Elementary, call 328-2950. For more information on education program at the Avon Police Department, call 748-4040.

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