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Avon Fourth fireworks back in the mix

Christine Ina Casillas

Avon’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display, “the largest in the Rockies,” is back on track.

And now, with the help from corporate sponsors, such as the Coors Brewing Co., the town’s mega event is expected to boom loudly.

“We’re having the fireworks this year,” said Larry Brooks, Avon town manager.

More than 20 local merchants and residents bombarded the Avon Town Council Tuesday, all with concerns about the cancellation of the largest and perhaps the most popular event in town.

The council didn’t disregard the merchants, but suggested other options for the fireworks display to continue the traditional Independence Day celebration.

Still to be “big’

Because of the new time frame, however, the fireworks production will not be as massive as in previous years, Brooks said – but it will be “big.”

The council gave local businesses an opportunity to contribute about $20,000 for a fireworks display, but the deadline was albeit tight. The council needed the details by today.

Beaver Liquors co-owners David and Michelle Courtney put the task to test.

“You can’t have a Fourth of July without fireworks,” David Courtney said. “It’s just not American.

“I called a great friend of mine at Coors – general manager David Kopek – and left a message saying that we needed $20,000 by 9 a.m. tomorrow, and it’s for a good cause,” David Courtney added. “He left me a message this morning around 7, saying he would cut me the check. And he cut the check.

“He did a lot of work under pressure. And it’s done. We got it.”

Coors Brewing Co. has contributed $20,000 for the fireworks display, keeping the tradition that has lasted for 15 years, growing bigger each year.

Beer on tap

And along with the contributions, alcohol will be served at the Fourth of July celebration, which hasn’t occurred in more than three years.

Now, thanks to the $20,000 infusion by Coors, not only will the show feature the fireworks display, but also the original, $65,000 laser show and concert the town already had planned.

The town of Avon will contribute $25,000 to the show, Brooks said. The total event will cost about $110,000.

“It won’t be a choreographed production, but it will still be a very big show and an extremely entertaining night,” said Brooks. “Now, we’re going to spend the next four weeks scrambling to get the production going.”

The town will be amending its budget to include the additional $25,000 it will use for the fireworks display, Brooks said.

“It wasn’t an easy decision for the council,” Brooks said. “We’re not diminishing the importance of Avon businesses.”

“A big, huge day’

Jim Funk, who choreographed past shows, will provide a hand in this year’s event, too, Brooks said, and some of his crew now are able to produce a smaller fireworks show, Brooks said.

Talent for the concert in the park will include the original members of the Bay City Rollers, as well as Denver newcomer Aubrey Collins.

“I just hope it doesn’t shoot us in the foot,” said Avon Liquors owner Cary Hogan. “It’s a big, huge day for us. I just hope that in the future the council will talk to the business before they make such a big decision.”

Christine Ina Casillas can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 607 or at ccasillas@vaildaily.com.

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