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Avon group aims to counter attack ads

Nicole Frey

AVON ” Longtime Avon resident Walter Dandy was prepared to attack.

He gathered a group of his friends at Fiesta Jalisco restaurant earlier this week and pitched his idea ” launching a campaign to keep Avon Town Council candidate and former councilman Peter Buckley out of office, and countering ads that have attacked other candidates.

One postcard, from a group called Citizens for Better Local Government, accused council candidates Mayor Ron Wolfe, Council Brian Sipes and Planning and Zoning Commission member Chris Green of wasting taxpayer dollars.

A second card from the same group says Sipes is in favor of a countywide early childhood tax. The group’s Denver-based lawyer Ryan Call wouldn’t say who was behind the mailings.

“The reaction that many of us had to the negative campaign ads, is that we don’t want to be a part of that,” said Sharon Greene, a friend of Dandy’s. “We wanted to be part of the people that accomplish things through positive campaigning.”

With a positive campaign in mind, Dandy, Greenes and her husband, Don, and others formed a political committee, Citizens for Efficient Local Government.

“We decided to support four candidates that had superior credentials, leadership experience, fresh ideas, independence but a spirit of collaboration,” Don Green said.

Buckley said he isn’t fazed by Dandy’s campaign against him, but respects Dandy’s right to oppose him.

“I think that if it’s positive and constructive and knowledgeable to the voters, then there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Candidates Wolfe, Sipes, Green and newcomer to local government Rich Carroll emerged as the favorites.

“We, as a group, just decided that we’d take the high road and focus on the strengths of Rich Carroll,” Dandy said. “He’s smart, nice and only motivated by good things. He just wants good things for Avon.”

Carroll said he’s all for any campaigning as long as it’s positive.

“I think they’re good people,” Carroll said. “They have Avon’s interests at heart. They were thinking about how do we make Avon a great town.”

Dandy said he favors Green as a “strong voice,” and Wolfe and Sipes were obvious choices because, “What else is new? We all think they’re great.”

Wolfe said he thinks the group picked the right four.

“I’ve watched Chris Green on Planning and Zoning and he’s a very intelligent and committed man,” Wolfe said. “Then I looked at the remaining people, evaluated their basic smarts, commitment to the town and their integrity. Rich Carroll worked very hard to demonstrate he is a man of integrity … It’s not to say (candidates) Karri (Willemssen) or Dave (Dantas) wouldn’t be good, but you’ve got to make a choice.”

And despite the lack of endorsement, Willemssen said she supports what Citizens for Efficient Avon Government is doing.

“I think that if it’s positive and constructive and knowledgeable to the voters, then there’s nothing wrong with that.”

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