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Avon issues warrants in bank theft

Lauren Glendenning
Eagle County, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado – The Avon Police Department has issued 17 warrants in the past few days in the inves-tigation of the May 8 robbery of several local homeowners’ association accounts.

Lt. Greg Daly said the Avon Police issued the warrants “to banks to identify the inter-mediary people.” The people he’s referring to likely helped facilitate the crime without knowing it, Daly said.

A European organized-crime group set up false job advertisements on legitimate looking Web sites to get access to the mid-dlemen, he said. The suspects electronical-ly transferred money out of an Eagle Coun-ty bank and into the personal accounts of the middlemen.

Those people were then asked to transfer that money overseas, Daly said. He called the people “innocent pawns.”

The FBI is supposed to take over the investigation soon, he said, because the crime is international. In the meantime, the Avon Police are investigating with the war-rants of the bank-account holders and also the Internet service providers.

“We’re waiting for that information to be returned in the next couple weeks,” Daly said. Scott Marino, one of the board members of the Aidan’s Meadow homeowners’ asso-ciation in Eagle Ranch, said money stolen from his association was replaced through the association’s insurance company.

Marino said the bank from which the money was stolen, Colorado Capital Bank, would not cover the stolen funds.

All of the association’s money was stolen, and for weeks the association had to tighten its spending and rely on relationships with local businesses to pay for things such as lawn maintenance, he said.

“We were able to cut corners and tighten up to get through it,” he said.

Marino said Bold Real Estate Solutions, the association’s account manager, helped the association try to get its money back along with Neil-Garing Insurance, of Glen-wood Springs, which ultimately covered the lost money.

Bold Real Estate Solutions manages sev-eral accounts and uses a total of three banks using the same account-management poli-cies and procedures, said Onie Bolduc, president of Bold. The other two banks were not affected, he said.

Colorado Capital Bank issued a statement June 8 saying the bank wouldn’t comment on whether specific people were clients of the bank. The statement said the bank had “concluded that all customer data and infor-mation maintained by the bank was not compromised” after the reports of “fraudu-lent events in the Vail Valley.”

The bank’s manager, Scott Hovey, would-n’t comment on the thefts or confirm that Colorado Capital was the bank where the thefts occurred.

Marino said his association has since moved its account to another bank.

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