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Avon lake leak plugged and holding

AVON, Colorado – The leak in Nottingham lake has been plugged, and seems to be holding.

Town officials noticed in September that the lake was losing water, and started looking for the leak, or leaks. People from Beaver Divers donned scuba gear to look. Town engineers dropped milk in the lake, hoping to see some kind of a swirl in the 15-acre pond.

Nothing worked, and the lake’s water level was soon down more than seven feet.

In October, local resident Harry Chu was fishing near the lake’s fishing pier when he saw the swirl. Further investigation found a roughly 2-inch hole in the lake’s liner.

That led town officials to take a hard look at the state of the lake’s liner, which will need to be replaced sooner than later. In the interim, though, town engineer Jeff Schneider found a company that injected urethane foam into the hole.

Schneider told the Avon Town Council Tuesday that, so far, the plug seems to be holding. The lake is being re-filled, and, depending on how quickly it starts to freeze, it should be full again in a few weeks – perhaps by Thanksgiving

If the weather behaves as it usually does, “We should have an uninterrupted winter schedule,” Schneider told the council.

The town’s first skating event is set for Dec. 17.

Meanwhile, work continues on finding ways for the town to pay to have a new liner put at the bottom of the lake, and when the work needs to be done. Whenever the work is done, the price tag will probably be $1.5 million or more.

Schneider said the town might have to change some funding priorities in its water fund. Town officials are also looking for grants from federal and state sources, as well as the Colorado River Water Conservation District. Given the application schedules for most of those grants, the lake could be drained, re-lined and re-filled in 2013 or so.

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