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Avon may regulate booting

Lauren Glendenning
Vail CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado ” Avon town council members are trying to decide how to write the laws for booting cars within the town limits.

A private booting company, AAA Boot, began booting cars on residential private property last year when the property owners became overwhelmed with illegal parkers.

Since Colorado doesn’t have laws regulating private booting, Town Attorney Eric Heil suggested the town council write its own laws so future disputes between booting companies, property owners and those who receive boots on their cars have the necessary legal backing in court.

Council members talked about imposing a 90-minute limit on removing boots from cars and limits on the amount boot companies can charge at its Tuesday meeting. AAA Boot is currently the only private company doing this in the problem parking residential areas in Avon, which include Sunridge, Liftview and Westlake. The laws would regulate AAA Boot and any other company looking to boot on private property in the town.

The council tabled the issue until its June 9 meeting, but members showed early support for regulations about background checks on booting company employees, to make sure they’re of “good character.” Council members also supported licensing fees for companies and regulations on how the booting occurs ” either the property owner calls in each case or the booting company has the authority to boot cars as needed.

While Nick Antuna, owner of AAA Boot, and Sunridge II resident Drew Dodd, both told the council about their frustration about its sudden interest in regulating the booting, Mayor Ron Wolfe said the council was only trying to help.

“We started this (conversation) because we want the property owners to be able to manager their properties,” he said. “To do good legislation doesn’t happen overnight or in one meeting.”

Dodd said the booting has been the only answer to his neighborhood’s growing parking problems. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to enforce parking, he said.

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