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Avon needs experience most

Don Rogers

We like Magnus Lindholm. But even we know he can be hard to work with. Ask the leaders of Avon, homeowners at Horse Mountain Ranch, the fellow whose dump truck (and livelihood) was wrecked in an accident on 131 with the developer of the Village at Avon.The right council for Avon is one that treats Lindholm tough but fair, and with the wisdom that comes only from knowledge and experience.Sure, there are other issues for the council, maybe even bigger ones than the Village at Avon, although that is a little hard to fathom with a development that promises to double the population as well as the geographic size of the town.Still, affordable housing and making downtown east and west of the throughfare to Beaver Creek a lot more appealing loom awfully large on their own.The election war of words between developer and incumbents has been rather less respectful than we would like to see – on each side. Still, Avon would not be best served replacing incumbents who have largely served with vision and smart steps. This is not the time for people who essentially promise to study up if elected. Too much is at stake. Neither Lindholm nor the town of Avon would be best served that way.This is a time for hard thinking, careful planning and putting experience to best use for incumbents Ron Wolfe and Brian Sipes. They are among the better council people in the county, frankly. Chris Green shows the same aptitude, and his experience serving on the town Planning and Zoning Commission has positioned him well to serve with distinction on the council. He certainly has shown that he can deal with the homework and think critically.Three challengers are unknowns – at least in terms of service on a town council. Although they have no prior municipal service, each certainly seems bright enough for the tasks asked of councils.Pete Buckley has served a term on the Town Council and did not make the cut in his bid for re-election two years ago. We like his attention to detail, but we also note his tendency toward bombast, disruption and politics in the pejorative. Alas, we cannot recommend him as a candidate who would help Avon progress, although he assuredly would occasionally serve as a brake if the council fails to think a decision through as thoroughly as it might. For our fourth choice, we come to Dave Dantas, who has lobbied municipal government as citizen on a variety of issues and whose ideas about cutting the real estate transfer tax by a percentage point make sense. He seems to have given governance the most thought of the group who has not served. And he knows Lindholm will be no walk in the park. Vail, Colorado

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