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Avon Police: Burglar crawled from balcony to balcony

AVON, Colorado ” A man was charged with six felonies after police say he was caught climbing from balcony to balcony at an Avon, Colorado apartment complex.

Ricardo Paz Aguilar, 33, of Avon was charged Monday with four counts of first-degree criminal trespass, one count of second-degree burglary and one count of criminal attempt to commit a felony, said Lt. Greg Daly of the Avon Police.

A resident of the Eaglebend Three apartment complex called police at about 2 a.m. Monday morning to report a man trying to open the balcony window, Daly said. The man fled after the resident told him to go away, police said.

Forty minutes later, the same resident called police again, saying he saw a man climbing to the balcony above his, Daly said.

Police said they were able to track footprints in the snow to a balcony about 40 feet above the ground, and then to the roof of the building. Footprints led police to yet another balcony, where Paz Aguilar was hiding, Daly said.

“He was climbing from balcony to balcony,” Daly said.

A similar incident occurred last week at the same apartment complex, and the resident in that case identified Paz Aguilar as the man who was on her balcony, Daly said.

In fact, there have been nine similar cases over the last four years at the Eaglebend Three apartments, Avon Police say. In one case, the suspect crawled into bed with a woman.

Several pieces of clothing were found at the scenes of those crimes, including two pairs of pants and shoes, Daly said. Also, Paz Aguilar was found near the scene of one of those crimes, sitting in a nearby car in his underwear, Daly said.

“Given the modus operandi of the events both last night and last week, we are going to be reopening these other cases, making comparisons to the events of the last week, and we are going to be making further inquiries regarding those incidents and seeing whether we can link the suspect to any of these incidents,” Daly said.

Paz Aguilar is an undocumented alien from Mexico, and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a hold on him, Daly said.

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