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Avon police: Caller threatened officers

Sarah Mausolf
Avon, CO Colorado

AVON – Dispatchers say they received a call last week from a man who threatened to kill any police officers that came near his Wildridge neighborhood, saying police were “hunting his dog and [expletive] up his life,” an Avon police report said.

Police have accused Draw Spur Road resident John Thomas Goike, 33, of making the call. One of the charges he faces, attempting to influence a public servant, is a felony.

In a phone interview Friday, Goike stressed that he hasn’t been found guilty of any charges.

“Right now it’s all hearsay, because they didn’t have caller ID or anything,” he said. “Basically what they’re going off right now is: One of the police officers recognized my voice from a machine.”

Goike admitted to clashing with police over the town’s leash laws. Since moving to Wildridge seven years ago, Goike said he received several tickets because his two Bernese Mountain dogs were off their leashes.

“They’re good dogs,” he said. “I just don’t understand why they have to be strictly on a leash all the time. Both of my dogs will listen to voice commands. I feel I’ve been overly harassed over the past seven years. They (Police) sit up on the street above mine and watch for them (my dogs).”

Avon Police Lt. Greg Daly said no directive exists for police to particularly watch Goike’s dogs.

As for the three charges Goike faces, attempting to influence a public servant can lead to two to eight years in jail, District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said. The maximum punishment for a misdemeanor harassment charge is six months in jail, he said. Obstructing governmental operations is a misdemeanor with a possible sentence of three months to a year in jail, Hurlbert said.

Goike was released from the Eagle County jail Monday on $10,000 bail. An advisement hearing has been set for Feb. 23.

The Avon police department keeps pictures on the wall of officers throughout the country who were killed in the line of duty, Daly said.

The call dispatch received last week sent a chill through the department, he said. One of the threats the caller made was: “I don’t want to kill the [expletive] but they asked for it time and time again hunting my dogs down. So if I see them it’s going to be a major [expletive] problem and it’s going to be on the news,” the police report said.

“Any time anybody makes a threat against the welfare or life of a police officer, it is taken with the utmost importance,” Daly said.

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