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Avon Police Department advises residents to take precautions to protect bear population

AVON — Eagle County is in the heart of bear country, and residents and visitors should be aware and take precautions to avoid human-wildlife interaction. The Avon Police Department would like to remind the public about the Wildlife Protection Ordinance.

It is against the Avon Town Code to intentionally or unintentionally feed wildlife. If you have a bear proof/resistant container, you may put your trash out at 6 a.m. the day of your trash pickup. The container must be re-secured in an appropriate manner and taken off the street by the end of the same day of pickup. Feeding wildlife is prohibited, meaning that any garbage, refuse or food matter cannot be left out, including human food, pet food, grain or salt.

In addition, all bird feeders must be suspended on a cable or other device so they are inaccessible to bears, and the area below the feeder must be kept free from the accumulation of seed debris through Nov. 15.

Bears have a nose that is 100 times more sensitive than a human’s, and they can smell food five miles away. Their natural diet is grasses, berries, fruits, nuts and plants, but they will resort to persistent scavenging when they find an easy, human-provided food source.

The public is advised to take precautions by keeping doors and windows closed and locked; remove tree limbs that might provide access by a climbing bear to upper-level decks and windows; get rid of wildlife attractants such as bird feeders and dog food; burn food off from barbeque grills and clean the grill after each use; and don’t leave food, trash, coolers or air fresheners outdoors or in your vehicle. It is also recommended that dogs and cats be kept indoors unless the pet owner is with their pet outside.

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The Avon Police Department should be contacted if a bear is in a trashcan, is in close proximity to a house, is near children or appears to be a threat to domestic animals. For more information, contact the Avon Police Department at 970-748-4040.

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