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Avon Police hand out information about bears

Austin Richardson

AVON – Members of the Avon Police Department distributed flyers today explaining the wildlife ordinance.

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As a result of the bears in Vail, Avon Police conducted a “roadblock” to dissemenate information about Avon’s Wildlife Ordinance at the exit of Wildridge.

And with this information comes a measure of responsibility on the part of the homeowners in Avon. Next week, enforcement of the ordinance will become more forthcoming.

Motorists leaving Wildridge this morning were probably wondering why Avon Police Chief Brian Kozak was standing in the street stopping traffic.

Chief Kozak and his officers had an important message: help us save wildlife in Avon.

He was handing out information that outlined Avon’s wildlife ordinance and offered tips on co-existence in the High Country.

Chief Kozak said, “The community has been very supportive and shown to be committed toward public safety and the protection of our natural resources. Avon passed a wildlife protection ordinance in 2004 and we were reminding residents, as we do annually, about the importance of following the established laws.

Wildlife protection is a major concern for the community, especially after the recent bear incidents in the Vail area. Avon has a wildlife protection ordinance (Section 8-32 of the Municipal Code), which will be strictly enforced and require the following:

* All garbage containers that are placed at the curb for collection must have the residence street address and unit number permanently affixed to the container with digits no smaller than two inches in height.

* Garbage must always be stored in a bear resistant container (lid must be secured) or within a fully enclosed structure.

* Garbage may be placed at the curb for pickup no earlier than 6:00 A.M. the day of pick-up. Bear resistant containers may be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 A.M. the day before pick-up.

* Wildlife attractants, such as pet food, must be stored in a fully enclosed structure.

* The area under bird feeders must be kept free of bird feed.

* Wildlife (other than birds) is never permitted to be fed.

Chief Kozak also took this opportunity to explain two other laws in Avon: leashing dogs and traffic safety.

Residents are required to have their dogs leashed at all times when off their property or when in common areas, such as at apartment or condominium complexes.

Due to an increase in complaints of dog owners not picking up fecal matter the Town Manager has restricted any dog from entering the playground area of Wildridge Park.

Finally, there has been an increased concern for traffic safety due to the increased number of residents and visitors walking or biking in the community.

I would ask that we all become more aware of the traffic laws that regulate speed, stops and pedestrian safety.

As you know, Avon is a great place to live, work and play in.

The Police Department has the responsibility to assure its residents remain safe. We will accomplish this through education and by enforcement, which may result in a fine of up to $1,000 for each violation. Kozak added,

Our first priority is the prevention/investigation of felony crimes and the response to calls for service. However, as time permits you will see increased enforcement efforts for these issues.

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