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Avon postal worker ticketed for indecent exposure

Steve Lynn
Vail CO, Colorado

AVON ” An postal employee was ticketed for allegedly showing his genitals to two women at the Avon Post Office.

Randal C. Tolbert, 54, of Gypsum, was ticketed for two counts of misdemeanor indecent exposure and was released June 14, according to an Avon Police Department report.

Tolbert exposed his body on three separate occasions to three postal employees over an unknown period of time, authorities said. Meanwhile, a manager who knew about one of the incidents did not report them to police, authorities said.

Information about the incident was not available until Thursday afternoon due to a problem with a police records database, said Krista Jaramillo, Avon police spokeswoman.

Investigators from the U.S. Postal service found that Tolbert did not expose himself to the woman, said Al DeSarro, spokesman for the postal service.

Investigators interviewed employees during a month-long investigation, he said.

“There were no facts, evidence or substance that this team could find to support it. It was basically this person’s word against Mr. Tolbert’s,” DeSarro said.

Tolbert should be restricted or suspended, said Kathy Morse, attorney for one of the women, whose names police did not provide.

“At this point, they’ve not taken any action with respect to Mr. Tolbert and that is inadequate in my opinion,” Morse said.

The woman has not yet filed a civil lawsuit, Morse said.

The postal service did not discipline Tolbert because he was not found guilty of anything, DeSarro said.

The women told police that Tolbert asked her to come to the back to the mailroom in mid-March, the police report said.

Tolbert was behind some mail carts and he grabbed the back of the woman’s head and pulled her over the carts when she saw his penis, the report said.

Tolbert did not return phone calls requesting comment.

The woman reported the incident to her supervisor, the report said. The supervisor told the woman not to bother him with personal problems and that he wanted the post office to be trouble-free, the report said.

The woman told a co-worker, also her friend, about the incident and that woman said Tolbert also had showed his penis to her a “long time ago,” the report said.

The woman would refuse to testify against Tolbert because she did not want her husband to know what happened, the report said.

A male employee once saw Tolbert with his clothes off in the post office, but he could not remember dates and times, the report said. Tolbert was not ticketed for that incident, said Avon police Detective Paul Arnold.

The supervisor had the woman ” who reported the incident to police ” and Tolbert work separate shifts so they would not be in contact with each other, the report said.

Morse’s client used to work eight to ten hours on workdays and now she works four to five hours on workdays, Morse said.

“As I understand all they’ve tried to do is cut back her hours and separate her and Mr. Tolbert,” Morse said.

DeSarro said the postal service conducts investigations fairly and does not discriminate against its employees, he said. DeSarro “would highly doubt” that the woman’s hours were cut because of the separation between her and Tolbert, he said.

Tolbert was scheduled to appear in court July 18 at 10 a.m., the report said.

The postal service would “closely look at the situation again” if Tolbert were found by the courts to have committed indecent exposure, DeSarro said.

Meanwhile, the postal service would continue to monitor the workplace to assure that it was being managed properly, he said.

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