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Avon reverts to ‘Heart of the Valley’ tagline, skipping Columbus Day, nixing puppy sales

This logo and tagline was abandoned in 2014 for a new logo with the tagline "Endless Possibilities."
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Avon is going back to its old marketing tagline and skipping Columbus Day. Those decisions came out of the Jan. 14 Avon Town Council meeting with Jake Wolf, Chico Thuon, Tamra Underwood, Amy Phillips, Scott Prince, Jennie Fancher, and Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes present.

Issue: Columbus Day

What they talked about: Switching the federal holiday to a floating holiday

Who they talked to: Town Manager Eric Heil said instead of having the second Monday in October as a holiday, Town Hall will remain open and town staff members can choose a different day as a holiday, “and as long as it works with the schedule and is approved by the supervisor.”

How they voted: An unofficial poll revealed a 4-3 split on the council in favor of switching the federal holiday to a floating holiday.

Among those in favor: Councilwoman Tamra Nottingham said she liked the town manager’s recommendation.

Among those against: Councilwoman Jennie Fancher said renaming holidays is not what the council was elected to do.

Issue: Dogs and cats in pet stores

What they talked about: Prohibiting the sale of dogs and cats at future pet shops in town.

Who they talked to: Joyce Cohen, an animal advocate from Breckenridge, said the only major pet store chain that sells puppies and kittens is called Petland, and it does not operate in Colorado. “I urge you all to Google Petland and animal abuse and you will be absolutely horrified,” she said. “It is only effective … to enact these ordinances preemptively.”

How they voted: 5-2 in favor of giving direction to town staff to craft language which would prohibit the sale of dogs or cats in pet stores, with an exception for adoption events.

Among those in favor: Councilwoman Amy Phillips said health concerns about cat and dog breeding that have been brought to light recently are mind-boggling.

Among those against: Councilman Scott Prince said the town does not want to limit itself by having a rule that has an unintended consequence.

Issue: Heart of the Valley and Endless Possibilities taglines

What they talked about: Using the town’s previous tagline, “The Heart of the Valley,” rather than the current tagline, “Endless Possibilities,” adopted in 2014.

Who they talked to: Avon Communications Manager Liz Wood said: “The Heart of the Valley” helps with her effort to have people recognize Avon’s geographic location, and she had not been using “Endless Possibilities” much in her recent branding efforts.

How they voted: A vote was not necessary, but no one from the town council spoke out against reverting back to the “Heart of the Valley” tagline.

Among those in favor: Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes said she has never liked the “Endless Possibilities” tagline.

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