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Avon selects firm for council investigation

AVON — After hearing Scotty Krob’s proposal, the town council decided Wednesday they also want to hear his official opinion on allegations being made against their colleagues.

Krob’s firm, Kroblaw Office LLC. of Greenwood Village, emphasizes in legal ethics and public-official ethics, Krob told the council Wednesday, adding that he also taught the legal ethics course at the University of Denver College of Law.

“It seems to me that you need someone who is first of all experienced in doing these types of investigations, and I’ve done them in the past for the city of Golden and Fort Collins,” Krob said. “I think you also need somebody … who’s a little bit tough, they’re going to have to ask some tough questions, probably push some people from what I’ve seen so far, and get to some perhaps uncomfortable conclusions, perhaps not.”

‘How does it strike you?’

Krob was interviewed along with three other candidates Wednesday for job which Mayor Rich Carroll suggested 40 hours and cost of around $10,000 as guidelines.

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Not all of those candidates agreed it could be completed for that cost and time frame.

“I like to set some primers around this, maybe say 40 hours, $10,000, something like that, how would you feel about that?” Carroll asked Larry Berkowitz of Spencer, Fane & Grimshaw.

“I think, more importantly, how does it strike you?” asked Berkowitz in return. “If you say $10,000 and 40 hours and the job is given to you and says it’s half done, you have to decide. I couldn’t tell you for a minute that this job could get done (in that time). It might, it might get done in 20 hours and $5,000, I don’t know.”

The Council went into closed-session deliberation for 30 minutes or so before selecting Krob, whom, upon returning to open session, was mentioned as appearing most likely to fit that time frame.

No one signed the pledge

The original description of the job entailed looking into accusations of impropriety and residency concerns regarding council members Chris Evans and Todd Goulding. However, during the open comments period of the meeting, Mayor Rich Carroll read into the record a letter from Avon Residents Laurie Adler and Joe Walker, which said the employment relationship between Goulding and Evans, who work together at Avon-based Evans-Chaffee Construction Group, should also be examined. They also requested a pledge regarding Avon’s Traer Creek settlement be included in the inquiry.

Carroll said the Traer Creek element would not be included since no one on council signed the pledge to which Adler and Walker were referring.

But the motion to approve agreement for independent legal investigation services was amended to include a provision which would seek a “legal opinion as to the employment relationship between council members and implications with the Avon code of ethics.”

Under the motion, which passed 5-0, Carroll would be allowed to sign off on non-substantive changes not related to the scope of work, and changes not related to the cost, with some leeway to negotiate a completion date of Sept. 18.

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