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Avon snowboarding instructor discusses book

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

EDWARDS, Colorado ” If you fall, get back up again. Danny Martin has a better idea ” just don’t fall. Martin, 46, travels all over the world teaching clients how to snowboard without wiping out. The Avon resident will be at The Bookworm in Edwards on Thursday discussing his how-to tome, “No-Fall Snowboarding.” Martin chatted with the Vail Daily about heli-boarding in India, starring in a Wall Street Journal ad and cruising without the bruising.

1. Vail Daily: Why do you have a problem with the expression, ‘snowboarding is pain’?

Danny Martin: It doesn’t have to be. Snowboarding is cool. It’s the greatest feeling in the word to slide down a hill with a snowboard on your feet. People who say snowboarding is pain are people who don’t snowboard the way I teach.

2. VD: What is “No-Fall Snowboarding”?

DM: … After you strap a snowboard to your feet, physically being able to move and stay in balance and control all the time as you’re going down a hill. It’s the precise physics of the human body attached to a snowboard and how to be able to ride down a hill without falling.

3. VD: What’s your favorite run on Beaver Creek and why?

DM: I have a whole lot of runs through the trees that I like because it seems like nobody else takes them. I’ve probably done Gold Dust more times than any run I’ve ever done in my life, anywhere in the world. My favorite run is the last run of the day. How’s that one? It doesn’t have a name but I call it my ‘home run.’

4. VD: What’s the craziest snowboarding adventure you’ve ever been on?

DM: Two years ago, I went heliboarding in Northern India in the Himalayas.

5. VD: Where is your favorite place to snowboard outside the United States?

DM: I’d say my favorite place is Courchevel, France … it’s part of the Trois valles … They boast having the largest connectable ski-able terrain in the world. Courchevel is a really fancy place. It’s like where (David) Beckham and Posh Spice go. They can fly in and they have an airport right in the middle of the whole ski area. It’s pretty fancy. Everything from double black diamond chutes to groomed runs.

6. VD: What’s the biggest mistake you see snowboarders making on Vail and Beaver Creek mountains?

DM: The biggest mistake anybody makes is steering their snowboard from their lower body.

7. VD: What was it like being the face of a national advertising campaign, and seeing yourself on billboards and in magazines all over the country?

That was something exciting. I never thought that anything would happen like that. What I liked is I got to put my point across without having to say anything too much. My friend, Mark, he took a picture and it was used to advertise computer systems. It was in the Wall Street Journal full color, full page add … I think it really excited my family and my sisters more than anything.

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