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Avon street sweeping begins

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AVON — With spring weather dropping less snow on the valley floor, the Avon Public Works Department is switching from driving snowplows to driving street-sweepers.

Street -sweeping operations are conducted each spring to clear the roads of winter debris including cinders. Residents are asked to call the Avon Public Works Department at 970-748-4118 if they sweep cinders onto the road right-of-way for pick up.

Regular street sweeping keeps roads clear of debris such as small rocks, glass, nails, twigs and leaves. It also removes harmful substances from roadways, preventing toxins from flowing into storm drains and ultimately into the Eagle River. The Public Works Department conducts street-sweeping operations throughout the spring, summer and fall. 

The public is reminded that street -sweeping vehicles are slow moving and cannot stop or turn as readily as most vehicles. Allow ample space for the machines and operators to maneuver freely. For more information, call Avon Public Works Department director Gary Padilla, 970-748-4118.

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