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Avon taken once again

Question: Can East West Partners sell ice to an Eskimo or is the Avon Town Council so gullible they really believe coporate welfare is necessary for more development in a valley overrun by it?

Give Minturn leaders enough credit to have their developer in waiting willing to spend millions to help them see clear to let him build. At least that makes a measure of sense.

You think Avon learned its lesson bending over for Magnus Lindholm years ago.


Where municipalities get this idea they have to help developers add to overpowering growth here ” our No. 1 challenge, incidentally ” and shirk their responsibilities to the communities where they build is stunning really.

Such generous subsidies make sense for creating incentives to help with, say, affordable housing, to name one enduring need that will assuredly become a crisis in time at this rate of, ahem, growth.

But no, it becomes a matter of those terrific real estate values they’ll surely get as a result of helping developers make even more profits. There does not appear to be a lick of stray thought given to the fact of those values soaring anyway.

Here’s some uninvited common sense: How about letting a developer build when it makes sense all on its own without this bit of welfare to add to our problems with all this rapid growth?

The rising property value thing is a false promise. The council got taken. Again.

Vail, Colorado

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