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Avon takes on Goliath

Don Rogers

This tiff about the railcars in Avon, such the bruhahah. But someone needed to take on Union Pacific, who frankly needs a good punch in the nose.The railroad corporation, losing a battle over simple crossings into the riverside Confluence site about to be developed, apparently got sore and announced it would bring 500 or so railcars up its all–but-abandoned line through Avon.This would be to make the empty cars more accessible to, well, something along the unused line compared to keeping them in the Utah hinterlands. No real difference, actually.So little Avon’s council passed an ordinance declaring parked railcars a nuisance subject to fines. Enforcement might be iffy, but we like the town’s pluck. Some critics scoff, and some even claim to like the idea of trains rattling though town regularly again. Sure they do. Their tune would be much different if they actually lived next to the tracks as trains whistled through. Rest assured that none of the folks hooting at the council lives anywhere near the tracks.A railroad run by grownups would not be fighting tooth and nail to stop crossings along an unneeded and unused line. Or posturing about littering our area even more with their empty cars.No, they’d look at least a little bit at how they might profit from partnerships with communities along the track, and there are possibilities for that.Meantime, a little punch in the nose often is exactly what a bully needs. Good for Avon.Eyeing walletsCount us among the skeptical about the valley library district’s need for a tax increase. The district’s board is thinking about joining a line with their hands out for tax hikes in the fall elections. The district would expand their libraries in the name of growth, which certainly exists. But is that really necessary right now? We’re not so sure.The school district is contemplating a rather substantial ballot measure asking the voters for money to build schools and otherwise catch up with growth’s pressures on aging campuses. The need is apparent with some upvalley schools, although we’re not sold on the need for the charter school or a new bus garage. The county might ask the voters to help government help more underprivileged children reap the benefits of preschool education. We’re skeptical about that, too.Those are our wallets these governments are eyeing, after all. And we’ve got our own bills to pay, too. Vail, Colorado

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