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Avon Town Council – agendas for 10.23.07

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Check the WEB EXTRAS on the right for a downloadable version of the work session, liquor board and regular meeting of the Avon Town Council.

PRESIDING OFFICIALS MAYORRON WOLFE MAYOR PRO TEMBRIAN SIPES COUNCILORSRICHARD CARROLLDAVE DANTASKRISTI FERRAROAMY PHILLIPSTAMRA NOTTINGHAM ULIWNDERWOOD TOWN STAFFTOWN ATTORNEY: JOHN DUNNTOWN MANAGER: LARRY BROOKSTOWN CLERK: PATTY MCKENNYTHIS MEETING IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC; COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC ARE WELCOMEESTIMATED TIMES ARE SHOWN FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICEPLEASE VIEW AVON’S WEBSITE, http://WWW.AVON.ORG, FOR MEETING AGENDAS AND COUNCIL MEETING MATERIALSAGENDAS ARE POSTED AT AVON MUNICIPAL BUILDING AND RECREATION CENTER, ALPINE BANK, AND AVON LIBRARYTHE AVON TOWN COUNCIL MEETS ON THE SECOND AND FOURTH TUESDAYS OF EVERY MONTHWORK SESSION AGENDAMEETING BEGINS AT 3:45 PM3:45 PM – 5:00 PM1.EXECUTIVE SESSION (John Dunn, Town Attorney) Pursuant to CRS 24-6-402 (4)(f) for the purpose of discussing personnel matters2.STAFF UPDATESA.Financial Matters/ Memo Only5:00 PM3.ADJOURNMENT LIQUOR BOARD AGENDAMEETING BEGINS AT 5 PM1.CALL TO ORDER / ROLL CALL2.REVIEW OF LIQUOR LICENSE VIOLATION AND ACTION ON WHETHER OR NOT TO ISSUE A NOTICE OF HEARING AND ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE a.Avon Police Incident Report Case No. 2007-001099 (Brian Kozak, Avon Police Chief)Pizza Hut of Southeast Kansas, Inc. d/b/a Pizza Hut40 Nottingham Road, Avon, COManager: Alma Veronica Mendoza3.RESOLUTIONa.Resolution No. 07-06, Series of 2007, Resolution Finding Probable Cause To Believe That Pizza Hut Of Southeast Kansas, Inc. D/B/A Pizza Hut Has Violated A Law, Rule Or Regulation With Respect To The Operation Of Its Licensed Premises; Setting A Hearing With Respect Thereto; And Directing The Issuance And Service Of A Notice Of Hearing And Order To Show Cause As To Why The 3.2% Beer License (On-Premise) Of Such Licensee Should Not Be Suspended Or Revoked or Renewed (John Dunn, Town Attorney) Possible action by Liquor Board related to Pizza Hut Violation & Case Report No. 2007-001099 4.RENEWAL OF LIQUOR LICENSESName of Business: Duong, Inc. d/b/a Panda CityManager:Thanh Quy Duong (Terry)Type of License:Hotel/RestaurantPhysical Location: 222 Chapel PlaceName of Business: Pazzo’s West Inc. d/b/a Pazzo’s PizzeriaManagerMark ColwellType of License:Hotel /RestaurantPhysical Location: 82 E. Beaver Creek Blvd.Name of Business: Avon Properties Leasing, LLC d/b/a Village Warehouse WinesManager:James ValerioType of License:Retail Liquor License / Retail Warehouse Storage PermitPhysical Location: 101 Fawcett Road5.OTHER BUSINESS6.CONSENT AGENDA a.Minutes from October 9, 2007 Meeting7.ADJOURNMENT TOWN COUNCIL AGENDAMEETING BEGINS AT 5:30 PM1.CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL2.APPROVAL OF AGENDA 3.DISCLOSURE OF POTENTIAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST4.CITIZEN AND COMMUNITY INPUT a.Calvary Chapel Vail Valley Fall Fun Night (Heather Warmuth / 5 minutes) 5.NEW BUSINESSa.Public Hearing for Amplified Sound Permit for Calvary Chapel Vail Valley Fun Night (Patty McKenny, Director Admin Services) b.Eagle County Open Space Advisory Committee Appointment (Ron Wolfe, Mayor) Appoint member to committee effective November 2007 6.APPEALS FROM OR RECOMMENDATIONS OF PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION7.ORDINANCES a.Public Hearing on Ordinance No. 07-09, Series of 2007, Second Reading, An Ordinance Amending Chapter 12.16 Of The Avon Municipal Code As It Relates To The Responsibility For Maintenance Of Sidewalks, Drainage Ditches And Driveway Culverts (Jenny Strehler, Public Works / Transportation Director) The proposed changes will require that ditches and driveway culverts located in the right-of-way be maintained in good condition by the abutting property owners b.Public Hearing on Ordinance No. 07-11, Series of 2007, Second Reading, An Ordinance Relating To The Establishment Of Special Districts Within The Town Of Avon (John Dunn, Town Attorney) Proposed legislation which will establish regulations governing existing and new Title 32 special districts, such as metro districts, water & sanitation districts, fire districts & recreation districts c.Public Hearing on Ordinance 07-13, Series Of 2007, Second Reading, An Ordinance Amending Sections of Title 15.20, Avon Municipal Code, Town of Avon, Eagle County, Colorado, and Setting Forth Details in Regard Thereto (Eric Heidemann, Community Development Director) The proposed amendment is intended to adopt, by reference, the 2003 Edition of International Plumbing Code which has been adopted by the State of Colorado and the Town of Avon is following suit in order to keep up with the latest standards and practices used in plumbing 8.RESOLUTIONSa.Resolution No. 07-39, Series of 2007, Resolution approving Service Model Plan (John Dunn, Town Attorney) Review of model service plan as recommended by Avon Legal Subcommittee 9.UNFINISHED / OLD BUSINESS10.OTHER BUSINESS 11.TOWN MANAGER REPORT12.TOWN ATTORNEY REPORT13.MAYOR REPORT14.FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS: November 13th:Resolution on Housing Guidelines, Housing Action Team 2008 Work plan, Lake Street Design UpdateNovember 27th:Public Hearing on 2008 Budget December 11th:Budget Adoption15.CONSENT AGENDA a.Minutes from October 9, 2007 b.Fee Agreement with Moses, Wittemyer, Harrison, and Woodruff, P.C. (John Dunn, Town Attorney) Acceptance of proposal for legal counsel related to water rights 16.ADJOURNMENT

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