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Avon Town Council candidate: Beaver brings biz experience

Avon Town Council candidate Thomas Beaver
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AVON — Tom Beaver has been a restaurateur and retail business owner for nearly 40 years, all of them in tourist-based residential communities. These days, you may know him as the owner of Montana’s Smokehouse, where he employs more than 25 local residents.

Presently a candidate for the Avon Town Council, Beaver says his years of experience have provided him with an in-depth understanding of how larger economic trends impact small businesses and local economies such as Avon’s.

“As a retail business owner, I am a council candidate who interacts weekly with hundreds of Avon residents and visitors at my restaurant,” said Beaver. “Not only do I need to anticipate my customers ever-changing needs, but I do so in a fiscally sound way. My experience will be a unique and valuable addition to the Avon Town Council.”

Beaver sees Avon as a residential community with a largely tourist-based economy.

“Whether Avon’s residents are here to raise a family or to simply enjoy the beautiful Vail Valley, the town is dependent on visitors to maintain its economic health and way of life,” he said. “And as we have seen year in and year out, Avon’s economy fluctuates significantly based on what the town and its residents do to promote it.”

Beaver said one of his main goals is to expand Avon’s economic pie in order to benefit residents, visitors and the valley as a whole.

“Although the valley’s winter activities are an enormous part of Avon and the valley’s attraction, I believe that to have a more balanced economy requires there be equal effort placed on building a base of non-winter events and attractions,” Beaver said. “This would result in a steadier town business climate, greater town revenues, a more solid jobs market and Avon’s ability to provide residents added activities and social services.”

Beaver says Avon’s central location in the Vail Valley allows it the potential to benefit from a more sustainable year-round economy.

“I believe a more vibrant and balanced local economy will allow Avon to fund its infrastructure needs in a manner that avoids placing an unfair burden on Avon’s property owners,” he said.

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