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Avon Town Council candidate: Bonidy has planning experience

Avon Town Council Candidate Profiles

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AVON — Tab Bonidy and his wife, Debbie, have lived in Avon for 20 years. They have two children, Melanie and Valerie, four grandchildren and three step-grandchildren who live in Hilton Head, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Bonidy earned a bachelor’s of architecture from the University of Miami in 1981 and a master’s of environmental planning from Arizona State University’s Solar Energy Planning and Technology Program in 1982. 

Bonidy started his business, TAB Associates, Inc., now located in Edwards, in Avon 17 years ago. It is an architecture, planning and interiors business that has employed up to 11 people. 

“I am a small businessman with an acute sense of fiscal responsibility,” said Bonidy. “I have been involved with planning developments for 30 years, so I believe I am a natural fit for evaluating new developments in the town. I am fiscally conservative, so anything that needs to be approved by the public will be put to a vote in my mind … In planning for the future of Avon, I believe it to be imperative that it is done correctly because the decisions made to today last an eternity. It is crucial that the town is developed responsibly and with the full support of the community. … I believe there currently is a parking shortage in the town and this needs to be resolved, especially for all the events that are planned to occur.”

Bonidy has served on the town of Avon’s planning and zoning commission for more than a year.

“I have a good idea of the challenges the town faces,” he said. “I believe I have the ability to work closely with Traer Creek in any issues that may arise. This will help tie The Village (Traer Creek) at Avon to the town of Avon.”

Bonidy says he is running for town council because he believes his talents are a natural fit with what the town currently needs.

“This town is all of ours, and it is too beautiful to let anyone screw it up,” he said.

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