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Avon Town Council candidate: Buckley will be ‘Budget Hawk’

Avon Town Council candidate Peter Buckley

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AVON — Pete “The Budget Hawk” Buckley served on The Avon Town Council in 2004 and is running again this year.

The electrical engineer and amateur radio enthusiast has lived in Avon for 18 years with his wife, Debbie, and enjoys skiing, biking, sailing and poring over budget documents.

“The town of Avon can use a real budget hawk now. That’s why I choose that as the theme of my candidacy. There is simply no excuse for the $2 million cost overrun for the new Avon music pavilion,” Buckley said, in reference to the Nottingham Park stage project cost overrun, which happened between July and September.

“Where were the Avon builders who currently sit on our Avon council during this time? What about Avon town staff — who is/was monitoring the pavilion construction progress daily?” Buckley said. “Who on Avon town council is looking out for the interests of the Avon taxpayer today? The answer is no one.”

Buckley says voters need to elect someone who will think of the Avon taxpayers’ money as if it is his or her own money and spend it carefully and cautiously.

“And if it involves millions of proposed capital expenditures, we need to elect someone who will demand that it go on the town of Avon ballot, so the Avon taxpayers — who will have to pay the bill — will get their chance to vote on it,” he said. “Why does Avon have a new $40,000 town logo when most folks just want the new Masher mountain bike trail to be completed in Avon? Remember, engineers understand process. It’s time for Avon to elect an engineer that knows how to identify and fix problems, and put real processes and accountability back into the business of running and managing the town of Avon.”

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