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Avon Town Council candidate: Wolf wants focus on basic amenities

Avon Town Council candidate Charlie Wolf

Avon Town Council Candidate Profiles

This is the last article in a series of profiles for the Avon Town Council candidates. To learn about the other candidates, go to http://www.vaildaily.com.

AVON — Charlie Wolf fits a familiar profile in the Vail Valley. He’s single, in his mid-30s and has a passion for skiing.

Wolf has lived in Avon for eight years and chose to make his home here because of the healthy lifestyle it provides.

“My passion for a healthy lifestyle is so deep that I decided to put my career on hold to pursue it,” he said.

A former recreation supervisor for the town of Avon, Wolf now works as a ski/bike tech at Venture sports, also in Avon.

“As the recreation supervisor, I was responsible for all youth, adult and childcare programming,” he said. “I got the chance to work along side the current town staff and can speak to the exceptional job they all do. I trust the people that work there, and I think I would be a good addition to the Avon town council because of my deep understanding of how the town functions.”

Wolf’s major platform is to have the town refocus itself on keeping up with the amenities it already has.

“I would like to try to get the quality of life for Avon residents back to where it was prior to the long and drawn-out lawsuit with Traer Creek. There were many amenities cut to help fund lawyers over the years, and these need to come back to the people,” he said. “The town needs to bring better public transportation back to the people that live and work here and keep the lights lit on Lake Street past 10 p.m.”

Wolf says when cost-cutting or cost-spending decisions are being made, the town needs to first consider the safety and security of the people who spend time in Avon.

“Years ago the town re-built Lake Street as part of the plan to upgrade the Nottingham Park corridor — infrastructure, lights, roadway, sidewalks — all improved. Why then do we turn the lights off after 10 p.m.? This action surely saves money, but it also makes one of the walk/bike corridors nearly unusable,” Wolf said. “As for the bus route, the one we currently have works great, runs on time and serves some of the town population very well. But we don’t serve Wildridge, Nottingham Road, Buffalo Ridge and Hurd Lane, which is a huge population of our community. We could be doing much better.”

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